Stand up White Man – defend your way of life or lose it

It’s about time we throw down the politically correct shackles and open up to the real problems in Britain.


It’s all too easy to hide away from fact and deny the evidence if you’re a left-wing product of state brainwashing but there are a large majority of us who are not, we recognise this problem and are not afraid of confronting it.

We know who they are – they hide away on our streets, in the government and throughout every single major facet in society and we know exactly what they are!

These creatures are not White, they are not British and they certainly are not moral yet they find themselves in top places above the common folk who miss the signs and fall for the traps.

As recently we found in the Garron Helm case where imprisonment was thrown upon a young white man for exposing the truth, we can now be sure that these evil people are scared of our growth as a movement of truth seekers and noble white warriors.

Indeed Luciana Berger herself said that the imprisonment of Garron Helm would send a message out about hate crime – well it has!

We know all about their Anti-white hate crime and their plans for our race. Now more than ever, whites are coming together and standing up against the cradle of evil that sits within the heart of this ‘western world’ and fighting back without fear of imprisonment or persecution.

Those who pay the ultimate sacrifice for our cause must be martyred and looked after whilst they serve their time inside prison, they will forever be heroes of the people in our eyes and hearts.

We will remember the names of those who betrayed our race in these early years of conflict and there will indeed come a time for them to pay for their wrongs and to be held accountable for their crimes in the court of the people.

From major corporations to the banks and the very heart of the government – the problem manifests itself everywhere and these people have full control of our country and indeed the western world.

With diversity as their tool, white genocide is an upcoming and on going threat in the western world and our race will be lost forever if the present generation sit back and do nothing.

If you value the beauty of your race, the purity in strength of racial unity through centuries of conquest, technological triumph and empire building then the time to act is now.

The greedy alien hand of cultural Marxism eats away at our race whilst the vicious monster that sits behind it gleefully presses the buttons of destruction to bring about our imminent extinction and yet our good people are blinded by this reality in fear of being branded racists.

Wake up, the matrix is real. Leave the dream world and fight back for the honour of your race, the sacrifice that your ancestors have given and indeed for the future generations of white people to come.

Stand up white man, stand up and fight!

Joshua Bonehill