Left-Wing activist attacks morris dancers with hammer

John Partridge, 34 from London Of Left-Wing organisation Hope not Hate attacked a group of Morris Dancers with a hammer in Croydon after a night out magistrates heard.


Partridge who was heard screaming “Hope not Hate” over and over again attacked the Croydon Morris Dancers association at complete random with a freshly bought hammer from DIY store B&Q as they merrily danced in Croydon town centre last Sunday.

The 34 year old Hope not Hate activist dressed in what Croydon police described as a ‘dick Whittington’ outfit as he brandished the shiny hammer and swung heavily for the Morris Dancers.


Two Morris Dancers received serious blows to the upper cranium but the Daily Bale understands the injuries are not being classed as life threatening and they are expected to make a full recovery soon.

Magistrates sentenced Partridge to a community order with 5.6 hours of unpaid work and an additional victim surplus fine of £260.

Hope not Hate declined to comment.

Peter Collagen, Daily Bale News