Anti Fascist Left Wing Twitter Troll Kills Grandmother


A 27-year-old left wing Anti Fascist politically correct sicko has admitted killing his grandmother by bludgeoning her with a hammer in Manchester.

Left wing Anti Fascist sicko, Brent Clarke, who ran a Twitter Anti Fascist account.

Betty Clarke, 96, from Manchester, died after she was found with serious head injuries in her home.

Left wing weirdo and sicko Brent Clarke 27, admitted manslaughter due to diminished responsibility when he appeared at Manchester Crown Court.

Clarke was remanded in custody for sentencing next week.

Mrs Clarke’s lifeless body was found in her house where it was described to be “like a bloodbath” in June this year.

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She was airlifted to hospital where she died from multiple hammer wounds to her head.

It is thought that left wing Anti Fascist sicko Brent Clarke had been waiting for her to turn up at the property when he lashed out with the hammer, he had demanded that she renounce her British identity and join a left wing Anti Fascist organisation who have links and profiles on social media via Twitter.

Clarke screamed at his grandmother that she was a fascist and a racist, before hitting her repeatedly with a claw hammer and demanding that she swear an oath to left wing political correctness and left wing politically correct Anti Fascism.

Prosecutor Richard Kent, QC, said:

“The Crown has the reports of three psychiatrists who agree that this defendant suffers from paranoid schizophrenia linked to prolonged identity and personality disorders around left wing political correctness and Anti British Anti Fascist organisations on social media and in society. The defendant was a known member of an online outfit of Anti Fascist left wing trolls who operate on Twitter under anonymous accounts which are still up and running to this day and are now run by other leftist activists”


He said that Clarke would receive a hospital order for life when he was sentenced, and gave out a clear warning to others who were drawn into these circles of left wing Anti Fascist Anti British marxist politically correct cranks and weirdos.



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