A Free Speech civil rights movement

Free Speech is fundamentally the right of all people through the decree of nature, it’s the most important tool we as human beings have and yet right now in Britain there are people being denied it.


Just as with the plight of blacks in 1960s America who came together and formed a civil rights movement under Martin Luther King, we must now do the same but for the right to Free Speech.

The government must now be viewed as the enemy of our people, this despicable regime of parasitical liars and traitors made themselves the nemesis through their frequent moves against humanity and the people – if they think that they can take away free speech then we will have to rise up and put them in their place.

This is no longer about left or right, right or wrong or indeed religion -this is about the right to Free Speech for all the people!

If somebody wants to call a Jew, a Jew or if somebody wants to call a politician a traitor then this should be respected within society and that person shouldn’t face prosecution for vocalising their opinion or thought.

Indeed political correctness has played a major role in the destruction of British free speech – it is through political correctness that the government has enforced to silence us from speaking out against their poor governance and policy.

You have to ask yourself the question, just how far will they go? Is the government going to round us all up and fill prisons with non-criminalistic average people who have been denied civil rights? That outcome sounds very much like the rulling of a politically correct fascist state.

To stop somebody from expressing themselves is indeed fascist but also it’s a crime against nature which is a law we observe naturally as human beings.

If you are happy living in a state where the government dictates what you can and can’t say then by all means do nothing and let the fascists win but if like me, you can feel the oppression and anti-british destruction then I urge you to stand up and make your voice heard.

So our next move should be to construct a civil rights movement and platform for revolutionary action before it’s too late. Regardless of your political persuasion or religious background,  free speech is something that effects you directly and the only way we can preserve it is by taking a stand and opposing the government as a real opposition – the people’s opposition!

Joshua bonehill