Twitter removes Daily Bale Twitter Accounts

Today we have learnt that Twitter has decided to remove all Daily Bale Twitter accounts which include both Twitter handles @DailyBaleNews and @LeaderBonehill – this is not a problem as the Daily Bale is not based on Twitter. We will appeal the process but if Twitter doesn’t return the accounts then we will not return to Twitter.

The Daily Bale is bigger than Twitter, bigger than the Internet and the suspension of a few social media accounts will not stop this website from operating daily.

At present there is no official presence held by Joshua Bonehill or Daily Bale News on Twitter, if we decide to create a new account then the details will be posted on this website.

We believe the accounts were removed by Labour Party sick weirdo, John Mann who complained directly to Twitter and due to his political position he silenced the Daily Bale from operation.


The Daily Bale subsequently declares war on Mr. Mann and encourages anybody who cares about Free Speech to hold him accountable for these crimes.

We will be doing our best to deploy foot soldiers on the ground and inviting several nationalist groups to join us in leafleting in BassetLaw next year when Mr. Mann intends to stand for re-election to spread word of what he has done here today.

Joshua Bonehill himself may indeed stand as a candidate against Mr. Mann should the interest be there.

Daily Bale News


Let it be known that we attempted to return but Fascist Left-Wing scum mass reported our twitter accounts each time they were set up. We will now await the outcome of our appeal against the initial twitter accounts that were suspended


9 thoughts on “Twitter removes Daily Bale Twitter Accounts

  1. Anti-white politicians,

    You have violated the genocide law with your special targeting of white Britons and whites worldwide with elimination via massive immigration and “assimilation”.

    a) Genocide

  2. Hahaha. Sniff those tears up little guy. Enjoy prison then homelessness when you get evicted. You do know you dont get housing benefit in prison right if you do more than 14 weeks? And you will be doing a lot more than that with all there dumb shit you pulled in the last week. Congrats on ruining your own life.

  3. Hm. You spelled “the Daily Bale is au irrelevant unimportant no mark blog maintained by a short-arsed halfwit from his dreary bedsit in an unremarkable backwater town, most of which’s readers are people who are taking the piss out of him because he’s an inept laughing stock” incorrectly. I’m really looking forward to seeing Mr Mann’s lawyers tear you and your lying to shreds in court when you’re brought up from the cells to answer to your misdemeanours.

    And you know what? We will all be laughing our socks off at you, you thieving (T-shirt money) lying (most everything) delusional (everything again but especially the crowds outside court, that’s hilariously inept) dickhead (just a term of abuse albeit accurate).

    *points, laughs*

    Roll on 21/11. Xmas in the slammer Joshua, looking forward to it?

  4. Why is there a photo of one of your victims under the article in direct contradiction to your bail conditions?

  5. The Daily Bale is bigger than the internet now is it?

    Well, if Bubbas cock is as big as you think your stupid Bale is then prepare yourself for complete rectal destruction when they jail you 🙂

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