Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist Member Caught in Nazi Uniform


An alleged member of a well known Anti Fascist movement has apologised after reports he attended a stag party with Nazi overtones.

But just how common is Nazi fancy dress amongst the left wing Anti Fascists ?

From Hollywood superstars and comic book superheroes to leather-clad cowboys and club-wielding cavemen, there are literally thousands of fancy dress outfits out there, but it really does take a left wing Anti British Anti Fascist race hate politically correct marxist crank to pick a Nazi Uniform .

It is really very easy to avoid a controversial costume, but that does not seem to stop some people, and it seems that the so called Anti Fascist Anti Nazis, really do prefer to dress as Nazis.

And one of the most offensive outfits is a Nazi uniform, as Anti Fascist left wing Kevin Fitzgerald Blake found out.


The sick left wing politically correct Anti Fascist was pictured in a Gay Club sitting next to another man dressed as a stormtrooper, also wearing Nazi Insignia on his jacket.

Blake, who was on a left wing politically correct Anti Fascist Gay stag do in Blackpool at the time, has apologised for the “clearly inappropriate fascist behaviour” of some of his left wing Anti Fascist politically correct friends.

He went on to say:

“we really do not like Nazis, we usually call other people Nazis and Racists if they disagree with our Anti Fascist politically correct principles, so obviously i am not a Nazi.
Yes, we may be Marxists, but not Nazis”

Real Nazi officers during the horrors carried out by the Third Reich.

The Daily Bale says –

In some countries, wearing a swastika armband in public would be illegal, but seemingly in the U.K for left wing politically correct Anti Fascist Anti British race hate stirring thugs, it is perfectly acceptable behaviour.

Daily Bale reporter on left wing fascism. – Dave Kennedy.


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  1. LOL doesn’t he recognise the guy on the left of the Nazis photo titled officers?

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