#FreeGarronHelm – The Campaign to Save Free Speech

The Daily Bale fully supports and backs the campaign to Free Garron Helm which currently is unfolding on Twitter under popular hash tag #FreeGarronHelm

Here’s my latest video on the subject

This is not just a battle to free a wrongly imprisoned man but this is also a battle to save Free Speech in Britain before the Judeo-Elite destroy it forever and render us disabled as a population, unable to voice our opinion or express democratic angst against the great Anti-White injustices faced by our people.

Garron Helm was imprisoned for doing nothing wrong other than ‘speaking truth’ as we first reported here , this was a move by the establishment against Free Speech and against white people globally to enforce cultural Marxism ultimately ending in White Genocide.

It is important that white people across the world take up the #FreeGarronHelm campaign and rally behind our cause to ensure the survival of the white race through the defence of Free Speech. We don’t have long left and this may well and truly be the last ‘defence’ of Free speech before the Judeo-Elite win the battle.

From now on, those who are arrested by the Judeo-Establishment will be heralded as martyrs to the cause and respected as crusaders of Free Speech. They can’t imprison us all – this is a revolutionary movement born out of the arrest of one man who did nothing wrong and now is our time to rise up as a race.

Many casualties will be lost in this ‘great war’ but this will not deter our spirit or courage in facing evil, anti-white judeo-elitism.

Luciana Berger, the Jew who is responsible for the imprisonment of Garron Helm brands our campaign as ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semitic’, well we say that her campaign of oppression and tyrannical judeo-elitism is Anti-White and Racist – no longer will we stand for this, Get your mitts off our Free Speech!

Joshua Bonehill