Left Wing Politically Correct Teflon Don John Gotti Fanatic Psycho Kills Mother 71.


Shocking Report Passed To The Daily Bale.

An alleged Left Wing Anti Fascist Marxist Hope Not Hate member, Anjek Alkata, 41, a John Gotti fanatic, Admitted Killing His Mother & then trying to turn her into a left wing Anti Fascist Marxist – while she was dead !


The left wing politically correct weird John Gotti fanatic sicko has been jailed for life after admitting killing his mother and then cooking her dinner and singing left wing Anti Fascist Marxist songs to her and reciting communist manifesto policies to her.

Alkata, of French Algerian origin murdered Natasla Alkata, 71, in her home on 27 March.

In an interview, the 41-year-old sicko explained to detectives how he at first attempted to strangle her with a cord from a video game console whilst shouting –

“John Gotti is my life, i live for John Gotti, say you love John Gotti”

When that didn’t work, he fetched a hammer and hit her on the head.

Alkata claimed to have reached into his mother’s mind to –

“change her fascist politically incorrect brain with the hammer of communism but without the sickle”.

When he was asked what he did next, Alkata replied:

“Then I realised i had to make her politically correct and become a proper Anti Fascist and a Marxist politically correct person just like me, i had to make her see the light of John Gotti and his vision for a truly equal society and the sharing of wealth”

The detective asked him

“how long he had been a left wing politically correct Marxist Anti Fascist”


to which Alkata replied:

“i joined a Marxist Anti Fascist group at a transvestite club, there were a group of us, but the rest of the transvestite guys just thought we were weirdos and freaks for going along with Anti Fascism,.
well who is a weirdo now ?

I asked the Anti Fascist team leader if it was ok to still wear women’s clothes as an Anti Fascist member, and i was told that it was actually encouraged to do so openly and to express our desires to each other.

I asked if it was ok to talk about John Gotti, and i was told that it was sort of ok, but not encouraged.


Anti Fascism and political correctness is not weird, its not weird at all really i don’t think so anyway, even the U.S.A has people like us, it is quite normal now to be this way, even John Gotti would like me i am sure, i love John.

The members of the Anti Fascist movement who came to our transvestite bar to recruit new members told us that it may seem weird, but just to ignore other people and to embrace political correctness, then we would feel normal in each others company, but if anybody questioned us about our beliefs, then we were to just call them fascists and racists and shame them into silence”


Alkata pleaded not guilty to murder in June but admitted his crime just as his trial began on 6 October.

Two days later, a jury handed down a life sentence with a recommendation that the weirdo serve 25 years to life.

A court reporter told the Daily Bale that Alkata –

“smiled, popped his knuckles and stretched”

he kept repeating the words ”John Gotti” over and over to himself while he was in court.


Alkata, who was also described as having violent sexual fantasies involving his Grandmother 93, as well as being a left wing politically correct misfit, weirdo and pervert, maintained his sanity throughout the trial, but it was obvious to everybody that besides being a politically correct Anti Fascist weirdo, he was also just plain weird and abnormal anyway, and was a prime example of these sorts of misfits in our society.

The Daily Bale very much doubts that his idol ‘John Gotti’ would of tolerated this freak for one second, we rather think he would of ended up in a car crusher somewhere.

He apparently shouted at reporters when being led away –

“I’m not mentally disturbed. I’m sane. I know what I did, i am a moral person, i am an Anti Fascist and i am politically correct, you are all fascists and racists, John Gotti would be on my side, i know he would, John would stand by me for sure”

One of the reporters was a west indian gentleman that Alkata shouted race hate abuse at.