Labour Now Agree Immigration Out of Control by Former Home Secretary


The Daily Bale is very pleased to announce that the left wing are now virtually admitting that they got it wrong by flooding the U.K with jobless benefit scrounging immigrants.

The Left Wing Labour former Home Secretary David Blunkett now admits that the U.K is being –

“swamped by foreigners and Migrants and they really are swamping parts of UK” says Blunkett.

David Blunkett with Labour P.M Tony Blair.

“we got it wrong big time”

David Blunkett has defended Michael Fallon’s comments on immigration and the Former Home Secretary backed the view that migrants ‘swamped’ parts of UK.


Mr Fallon above, was criticised for his choice of words and later apologised, but must of realised that he really should not of apologised at all, he was very right.

Mr Blunkett, Labour Party Member said

“he was right to voice concerns of ordinary voters”


The Daily Bale says that –

“its about time that the left wing and the Labour Party are now listening to us and taking note.

We are happy that such high up members of the Labour Party are now seeing sense, but that does not mean that the Daily Bale excuses their disgraceful actions and policies carried out in the past and are still doing now.

They must disband all politically correct lunatic organisations and disband all left wing Anti Fascist politically correct Anti British activist groups like Hope Not Hate and the U.A.F”

Hope Not Hate left wing politically correct Anti Fascists allegedly deeply involved in the immigration outrage.

Immigrants waiting to swarm the United Kingdom.

The result of left wing political correctness.

They just keep coming and coming and coming.

Immigrants eating food by railway sidings in Calais
The taxpayer must pick up the bill for this.

French Police do not mess around with them, but Britain has been warned, we will get them soon if we do not get our act together and make Britain less welcoming to immigrants.

Left Wing Anti Fascist Groups like Hope Not Hate are quite happy with this and want more immigration.


The Daily Bale calls upon the Government to hear the People’s call, close the borders and stop immigration, disband and ban all Anti British Anti Fascist left wing activist politically correct groups, and return the Nation to the People to rule democratically as we choose to live.