Britain goes Krayzee

With a new film set to be released about the Kray Twins, the Daily Bale examines Britain’s love affair with the Krays and the world of Kraymania.

Ronnie & Reggie Kray, two heroes of the common people, well respected and loved by many. May they rest in peace

Ronnie & Reggie Kray, two heroes of the common people, well respected and loved by many. May they rest in peace

Reginald & Ronald Kray – Two names that defined an era but both feared and respected by an entire nation yet loathed by the police and justice system. One has to have a great deal of admiration and inspiration derived directly from the work of the Kray Twins.

The Twins fought the establishment in a noble and morally just way and in the process caught the love of the common folk whilst demanding fear from those who would do bad across the old East End. If you showed the Twins respect then equally they would give that level of respect back – if not more in return for your loyalty, if you disrespected the Twins and showed them hatred then in return you could expect problems.

The model to which the Krays ran the eastend is certainly admirable. The Krays cared about their own people and looked after the weakest in society whilst taking out the bullies and those who would do harm to the local community.

Rightly so, Kraymania exists because we as a people have developed respect for the charismatic and heroic legacy left by the Kray Twins and this is something we should celebrate as a nation.


The Krays simply wouldn’t have put up with the politically correct left-wing or vile agitators such as Nick Lowles, indeed there would have been consequences to have been faced as George Cornell found out in 1966 at the Blind Beggar in London (A favorite pub of mine no less).

The Left-Wing would declare the Kray Twins politically incorrect and not conformist to the moral authority which is a falsity of nature. We the common people love the Kray Twins, respect the Kray twins and admire them as a force of good.



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  1. LOL Joshie you always had an obsession with the Krays? A fake profile on face book was a mish mash of Krays and the Godfather? A Reggie Bonehill selling Olive Oil in London What a twat you really are.

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