EXCLUSIVE: Roof Racks could be banned under new EU legislation

Daily Bale News has learnt that under new legislation drawn up by the European Union, Roof Rack’s in Britain could be outlawed by 2015


The humble roof rack – a crucial and useful tool that we love to occasionally use to transport goods on the roofs of our automobiles but today that rich history of transportation of goods hangs in the balance as the EU have announced plans to outlaw them by 2015.

The EU court of Health & Safety today deemed that the Roof Rack may present a visibility danger to drivers traveling on European roads and that through their ‘careless’ and ‘clumsy’ structure, the safety of all European drivers can not be guaranteed.

Not surprisingly the new legislation will only effect Britain when it comes into law in 2015 but this is just another harsh reminder of what it means to be a member state of the European Union after earlier this year the same court deemed hoovers ‘dangerous’ and moved to outlaw a higher watt of Hoover.