The Daily Bale: Who’s Laughing now?

About a year ago or so, Joshua Bonehill who founded the Daily Bale was hounded by everybody for being outspoken and fighting the many injustices in society. The hounds came from many directions on both the Right and Left side of the field but this week we have finally seen Bonehill proved right  in the sense that now even Bonehill’s harshest of critics are indeed sharing his material.

In a campaign which has lasted well over a year, the Daily Bale has served the public on a day-to-day basis spawning a many great deal of articles and publishing numerous ‘Facebook Infographics’ which seemingly went on to go viral or certainly rear their heads every so often.

Not all of the material distributed or made by the Daily Bale is branded by our trademark nor is it blatantly connected to Joshua Bonehill but if you’ve been on the Right side of the fight then no doubt over the last year you will have encountered our material in some form or another.

From the Chuka Ummuna Sting to the Diane Abbot Scandal, you name it – we’ve been behind it, informing the public truthfully and spreading information to alert the masses to the hypocrisy and the corruption of our dearly beloved politicians.

From our more recent Jamal Malouf appeal to our Amy Hamilton appeal and then of course our smaller but yet widely publicized affairs here.

We now stand at 2.5 million hits since conception, we have many thousands of followers and a consistent and solid base of readers who frequently share our material on social media here. The Daily Bale is the biggest news provider for anybody with right-wing views in Britain and now it seems even the Left-Wing are sharing our material.

A Labour Party candidate sharing Daily bale news and admitting he reads the publication

A Labour Party candidate sharing Daily bale news and admitting he reads the publication

It’s just so brilliant to see members of the Left-Wing openly sharing Daily Bale News articles and conforming to our ideology as this really does set the few who disagree straight.

Indeed even those who are pursuing legal proceedings against Mr. Bonehill are now in fact sharing Daily Bale material on their Facebook Pages

To think that these people once  persecuted Mr. Bonehill and now they share his material

To think that these people once persecuted Mr. Bonehill and now they share his material

So we’ve come to a point where the Daily Bale is bigger than ever, nobody could have quite predicted what would happen but just a few months ago they were all laughing at us, saying that we’d never expose the truth nor would we amount to anything other than a ‘joke’ – well let us ask the question, Who’s Laughing now? 

We exist to serve the majority of British people who are sick of reading tabloid lies in the mainstream news-sphere, sick of lying politicians and the traitorous left-wing. We exist because we have a duty to those readers and the people who have supported this much loved and respected publication through thick and thin – now we’re as big as most mainstream newspapers and our audience is just as big, if not bigger yet we do not do this for profit.

We have an impressive social media reach that can target up to one million people at any given time and our writing team is always ready to cover major events and news. We’re batting for the British public here and we appreciate all support and sponsorship given to this publication – we do this for you!

So those insignificant, bitter few Left-Wing who hide on anonymous accounts must be feeling very sore indeed – they completely underestimated the fully operational power of the great British Daily Bale and this will be a mistake that they will have to live with for the rest of their sad and perverse lives.

The Daily Bale is here to stay, we have plans for the website and operations over the next few years and we recognise it being as our civic duty to continue doing this.