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The basic democratic human right of freedom of speech and self expression,

The right to say what you mean, and how you mean it, without fear of oppression, suppression, intimidation, victimisation or loss of liberty and/or freedom of speech.

Democracy. Freedom. Liberty.

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If they try to take away our voice by arresting one of us, shutting us down, or suppressing our freedom of speech, then our team will shout just that little louder and post just a little faster.

If one site goes down, we have another two in the wings ready to go up.

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Political Correctness has bullied, hurt, intimidated, manipulated, oppressed, victimised, suppressed and dictated to the people for far too long – the people have had enough !

The Daily Bale is making a stand against the evil oppression and immorality of left wing political correctness and the bullies and cowards who represent and push this evil P.C Marxist ideology.

From all the team here at your Daily Bale.