EXCLUSIVE: Anjem Choudary to receive honourary degree

Anjem Choudary – two words that come together to form one very evil and sadistic meaning. This man has single-handedly become a figure of hate over the last few years for engaging in flagrant acts of terrorist appeasing and support.

Anjem Choudary pleased with himself on receiving the news of his award

Anjem Choudary pleased with himself on receiving the news of his award

It comes a great shock to learn that Mr. Choudary is due to receive an honourary degree in ‘humanity’ from the University of Leicester next month.

Leicester University who states they are ‘committed to multicultural support’ in their mandate has decided to award Mr. Choudary with the prestigious degree to highlight his services to ‘humanity’ and as a way to thank him for the work he’s done within the Islamic community over the past few years.

The Prestigious award also comes with ‘Freedom of the city of Leicester’ attached to the university degree and this has had local residents in uproar.

Local Leicester resident Amy Hamilton who recently moved there from Croydon told the daily bale, “I think it’s absolutely disgusting – surely this will be glorying terrorists and anti-british crusaders”

William Sague who has lived in Leciester for the past 30 years told the Daily Bale “I fully condemn in the strongest terms Leicester University’s flagrant disregard of British people’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,”.

“We are witnessing a clear attempt to pave the way for the Islamic annexation of part of the sovereign territory of an independent British state through Islamic force and an illegal and illegitimate University degree.”

The Daily Bale will be reporting live from the award ceremony next month,

Peter Callaghan reporting for the Daily Bale

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  1. You Brits have your heads up yours. Rewarding wannabe terrorists is appeasement. Your traitors to humanity.

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    I think you’re a moron and a cunt, Bonehill.

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