Are the Left-Wing another race entirely?

Left-Wing – Two words put together that form an evil meaning, a meaning so evil that even the weakest of people would simply strike for the carrier of such a title without hesitation or provocation. For much of the 20th and 21st century, we’ve been burdened with their existence but is it now time to question their place in our race?


The Left-Wing are truly vile in both appearance and mentality, they have very little in common with the average nationalist man who will commit to society as per the norm yet the Left-Wing seem to take an Anti-Social standing within most normal communities.

The truth is that the Left-Wing have been an utter blight on society and for the longest time and we can assume that they as a group of people who are so mentally deranged that their ‘vision’ of normality is completely loathsome which makes them a risk to society.

For some time now, the Left-Wing have pretended to be an authority over the good common folk but yet there is an ever growing resistance against this – a nationalist resistance.

Most of the Left-Wing are genetically inferior in the sense that the vast majority of their vile offspring carry some form of autistic or mental disorder which renders their DNA and genetical make-up entirely venomous to the rest of the human race thus rendering breeding with our kind a complete ‘no-go’ zone.

The Left-Wing have a large and collective mental health problem and this is easily recognizable through their determination to enforce political correctness and the ‘moral high ground’ they appear to take when debating or arguing with somebody of sound and rational mind.

Just as people with Downes Syndrome are recognised as being genetically inferior with one extra chromosome -we can begin to see the Left-Wing in the same light which means they are in fact nothing to do with the Human Race.

Recognising the fact that being Left-Wing is a medical condition is one thing but to understand that they as a collective of people are in fact another race is something that takes a basic understanding of human biology and a tolerant view of the evolutionary system.

As nature dictates – men are warriors, hunters, breadwinners and leaders yet in the case of the Left-Wing this seems to have been lost. Most of their men have adapted to some form of feminism of pro-feminine outlook upon life thus losing basic skills to make them into human men.

Through years of inbreeding and malicious disease running rampant, the Left-Wing have also physically evolved differently to us in the sense that they lack basic muscle or bone structure in terms of strength thus rendering them useless in the field of combat or the arena of war.

Now – We’ve all seen the general appearance of the Left-Wing and it’s no lie that typically the average Left-Winger appears to be an atrocious looking creature that makes for a hideous sight should they form up mass and congregate in the form of a demonstration or protest.

A congregation of Left-Wing taken from various Anonymous Left-Wing Twitter accounts

A congregation of Left-Wing taken from various Anonymous Left-Wing Twitter accounts

It is no lie at all to state or even conclude that the Left-Wing are all hideous in nature because this is science. It seems that the ‘ugly gene’ is something that flows freely throughout Left-Wing blood and their offspring will also acquire this genetiical trait.

The best way to view the Left-Wing is as if they were some kind of ‘Frankenstein’ creation by the very two hands of the same evil menace that torments our society. Indeed, quite simply put – the Left are the creation of the common household Jew (Semite).