Feminism linked to high levels of infertility in women

In a new study conducted by the Royal society for Social Studies, practicing feminism has been linked to high levels of infertility in women due to lack of sexual desire or an increase of testosterone.

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Feminism – that one word which drives hate and fear into the most seasoned of battle-ready warriors. For the latter part of the 21st century, Feminism has been on the fringe of society and often socially denounced for being a view that the majority would describe as ‘subhuman’ and ‘inhumane’.

In a shocking study conducted by the RSSS (Royal Society for Social Studies), nearly 80% of interfile women in the UK have claimed to support feminism. This statistic will indeed come to a shock to many but through understanding the science behind the brain of a Feminist Woman, be can begin to put and ease of understanding on this social issue.

At an early age when the female brain begins to develop, it will expected to follow the laws of nature and behave appropriately in the society it grows up in. Throughout the latter stages of the teenage years, the female brain becomes susceptible to brainwashing which in this case is the cult of feminism.

A belief in a system that goes against everything that the use of a woman is fundamentally for will produce an increase of testosterone which will ultimately wreak havoc on the body of a woman. It is understood by medical professionals and globally respected scientists that high levels of testosterone caused by a belief in Feminism can indeed make a woman infertile and unable to engage normally in society.

Health experts are warning that parents keep their daughters away from Feminist literature and propaganda to prevent infertility in later life.

Peter Callaghan, Daily Bale News


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