EXCLUSIVE: Jill Dando – The SHOCKING new evidence

In 1999 BBC Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando was seemingly assassinated on her doorstep by an unknown assailant. With one suspect, Barry George being falsely convicted of the murder (later cleared) the case look unlikely to ever being solved – that is until today.

Jill Dando

After an extensive and thoroughly penetrative investigation by the Daily Bale, we can categorically say that we have collated enough evidence to reveal what really did happen that evening in 1999 and more importantly why?

Jill Dando had been working to expose a prolific Left-Wing paedophile ring at the heart of the establishment since approximately 1992 when she was handed a dossier of evidence by an unknown informant. Over time, a new dossier was constructed by Dando that placed hard evidence against the BBC and mainstream political establishment.

The dossier created by Dando was handed in to BBC producer Steve Marks on the 20th April, 1999 – just a few days before Jill was assassinated.

Steve Marks has been given a false identity to protect him but it was Marks who contacted the Daily Bale with this new evidence and what we saw utterly stunned us.

Jill Dando had linked the Labour Party directly with paedophillia and managed to expose Labour’s connections with PIE from the 1970s onwards. In 1997, Tony Blair took office as Prime Minister and by the time Dando had constructed the dossier there was an overwhelming Labour control of Great Britain

Popular DJ and well respected legend, Sir Jimmy Saville who had came out in support of Labour in 1997 had been named directly in Dando’s dossier as one of the main ‘instruments’ operating within the paedophilic establishment ring.

In comes Sir Cliff Richard (Notice the reoccurring theme with the knighthood) who attempted to mediate between both Tony Blair and Jill Dando during a time of potential exposure for the Labour Party. Richard would negotiate with Blair about terms and conditions for what would become known as the LabourPhile Club.


In 1999, just 2 days before the murder of Jill Dando – Tony Blair and Sir Cliff Richard had a meeting. Cliff had threatened to throw the book at tony and expose the sickening Paedophile ring operating within the political establishment. Tony Blair refused to do business with Richard and threatened to ‘ruin’ his career by stopping popular Radio Stations from playing his music.

Richard soon left for denver whilst Blair was free to continue running the Labourphile Club from the confides of his berkshire manor house.

After Tony Blair decided that the term ‘Labourphile’ was far too blatantly obvious, he ordered the creation of a new Labour antifascist group – Hope not Hate was born.

On the night of april 26th, a Left-Wing politically correct parasite by the name of Denis Laurwson walked up to Dando and held a gun to her head on the porch of her house. This assassin was indeed sent from new Labour organisation Hope not Hate and they had carefully planned out this attack on Dando.

Indeed, Hope not Hate is today still in full operation and is known by many as ‘Labour’s dirty tricks department’. Many celebrities that Dando named in her initial Labourphile report have since came out in support of Hope not Hate and fully back the group’s flaccid founder, Nick Lowles.

So to assume that Hope not Hate was indeed behind the murder of Jill Dando in 1999 is entirely a legitimate and rational course of action. This of course no doubt would have been directly ordered by Tony Blair himself who is alleged to have had a homosexual affair with the group’s founder in may of 1997.

Although entirely speculational and incredibly fabricated and false in accusation, we can indeed assume through freedom of speech that Hope not Hate has blood on it’s hands through a dossier handed to BALE on sunday correspondent Peter Callaghan.

Daily Bale's Peter Callaghan doorstepping an alleged Labour Party criminal

Daily Bale’s Peter Callaghan doorstepping an alleged Labour Party criminal

The Jury is well and truly out on this one, the evidence has been pieced together and an informative and intellectual summery of events has been offered – Did the Labour Party and Hope not Hate kill Jill?

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  1. the bbc was behind her execution in orderto cover up for jimmy saville , whos name at this stage was geting about as amajor league nonce , along with leon briton and other top tories

  2. Politics….Poli-tricks – who is behind he curtain pulling the strings??? If you believe and follow lame stream media…. you(they) have made up your mind for you…. I suppose you watch News and TV(Tell a Vision) there is a very good reason TV has programmes….. they program and condition you… all that changes IN POLITICS IS THE NAMES…. the people who try to make a difference JFK etc… disappear or die ‘accidently’ or like jill dando or John Lennon from a crazed assasin – BULLSHIT!!

  3. Thje media is run and controlled by people pulling the strings…. they publish what they want – they do NOT want this kind of stuff out

  4. thanks for your rivetting reply which is full of your truth mr whoever the fuck you are , she was murdered needlesslesly to shut her up over the peedo BBC and whoever else , chances are you are a BBC troll , so why not fuck off ,leave this site alone , ( which you are obviously obsessed with and determined to discredit ) and go threaten some OAPs into paying for an illegal extortionist fee . , do not believe anything on this site huh , does that include you ???

    Fact 1 she was murdered ?? Q is , why ,answer , to shut her up IMO.unless of course mr whothefuckareyou knows better and can substantiate your statements and try not to sidetrack with your opinions . One thing your correct about is , dont believe everything on this site , as I dont believe you , TROLL

  5. I believe it is true, that she was murderd because she stumbled across the pedo ring in Britian, and then Diana too. I don not believe it was however anything to do with the Labour Party. Everything is pointing towards the BBC, the Tories and The Royal Family. There is evidence to support what I’m saying. I don’t have it on me, but shouldn’t be to hard to find, look it up. It’s not as ludicrous as one might initially think.

  6. Get a grip you people the daily bale is nothing more than a vehicle for Joshua Bonehill’s fantasy shit stirring imaginings. The dick is certifiable and has already been prosecuted for spreading falsehoods with malicious intent. Do not believe anything you read on this site.

  7. Just a comment how many of you also thought, No, can’t be ! not Jimmy Saville! the peoples hero ! or Rolf Harris, or Stuart Hall, Or Jonathan King, etc etc, No your right it can’t be true ? until it is ?

  8. Sorry, I am a different anonymous, but maybe he doesn’t give it much time because of the grammatical errors strewn across the article. If something is presented in a non-professional manner, question it’s validity. I shall remain anonymous because I will not subscribe to something in which I could do a better job of presenting. But Barry from Dundee, if you must know.

  9. Address the many grammatical errors in your article, then I may have given it more time than I did. I did read the whole thing, but if it’s presented in a non-professional manner, then it’s validity must be brought into question.

  10. Yip and you are one of them. Spelling and grammar? Three full stops, and an exclamation mark followed by a full stop. That’s all!……..

  11. Mixing truth with lies for political agenda, vile. As a victim myself I find this even worse.
    Jill Dando was killed for a elite pedo ring ALL party’s involved, not just left wingers.
    You people make me sick, just a pile of horseshit for people to attack an anti- fascist group written by a fascist, people are dumb to believe this.

  12. omfg who would actually believe this nonsense, kelvin mackenzie most right wing creatute ever to work in journalism,is in picture, and this story been doing rounds for years, only its the tory westminster paedo ring, with the odd exception that has more credence, ted heath, peter morrisson jimmy mcalpine leon brittan , tip of the ice berg , get your facts right stop spouting your bile if its untrue.

  13. Anyone reading this article or indeed website to gain genuine information about the workings of the world is a backward thinking, racist, retarded moron with a victimisation complex. That goes for the writers on this website too. I personally can’ t see how people can be so naive or stupid to believe or even entertain the ideas of this horseshite. The quality of spelling and grammar in the comments says a lot about the people a website like this attracts…adios!.

  14. I thought it was a Serbian for Tony B liars bombing of Serbia on Christmas Day as a warning to Blair that they can hit anyone.

  15. Maybe am stating the obvious here but if the evidence and investigation is that good how come they keep referring to the murder happening in the evening when she was murdered in the morning !!

  16. Trying to leave the labour partys rep in tatters ?? In the world i live in labour like torys are not worth a flyin fudge … As for lack of evidence ..wat about the guy who was wrongly arrested ..where was the evidence then panic cops graspin at any lonely or single guy within a five mile radius …how dare you live alone …u must be a murderer .. corrupt britain strikes again peado protectors !!

  17. I am amazed that rubbish like this goes to print. I’m also surprised the law does not investigate these slanderous swine!!

  18. what a load of garbage ,hope not hate have been going for years as an anti facist group and nick led the organisation with tremendous vigour and courage this seems the tory dirty tricks dept are out to try to get labours reputation in tatters . produce any evidence and walk into a police station with the evidence or shut up !!!

  19. Utter nonsense, breaking a story like this would make a journalists career, do you expect us to believe they would choose to break it via the “Daily Bale”, and then not back it up. Many media outlets would pay hundreds of thousands for this story assuming there was evidence to back it up.

  20. Jill Dando was assassinated by an ex mi5 agent turned hired killer,and yes it is my belief that the not only the political establishment was involved in this debauchery but also people nof royal blood or connections,

  21. If this is true, we need to shout it from the rooftops.

    Similar things have been said about Jill Dando’s murder, recently. Particularly with regard to BBC & Establishment paedophiles.

    We MUST expose the truth, while there’s still time to prosecute the criminals.

  22. why not publish the dossier Jill Dando had given to the then producer? It would help ore believe the article as true and not just another speculation of her murder? She deserves any evidence to be published.

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