Noble Wolf Garron Helm jailed for telling the truth

White Nationalist legend Garron Helm jailed for speaking the truth

White Nationalist legend Garron Helm jailed for speaking the truth

21 year old Garron Helm of respectable white nationalist movement, National Action was unfairly jailed this week for four weeks because he simply told the truth.

In a tweet directed towards Labour traitor and Jewish MP, Luciana Berger he described her as being both ‘Jewish’ and ‘communist’ which is true. Luciana Berger does indeed practice judasim and being that she’s a member of the Labour Party which has a deep history of communism one could quite easily question the mentality of the court who sentenced him.

As quick as the sentencing was passed, communist newspaper the Daily Mirror was quick to publish a disgusting tirade of abuse and falsities about Mr. Helm of which this publication will not repeat.

Garron is simply a victim of the judeo-capitalist establishment and for alerting the public to the truth, he has been punished.

Not only is this a classic example of political correctness being enshrined into law but also the establishment have clearly stopped Mr. Helm from expressing his free speech.

Jewish MP Luciana Berger said about the sentencing that this would “send a clear message that hate crime is not tolerated in this country”

The Daily Bale says in response that in fact this sends a clear message that the Labour Party is anti-freedom of speech and clearly they don’t want people knowing that they have Jewish MPs.

We will all look forward to Garron’s release and seeing him back on the white nationalist scene.


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