Sick Internet Trolls target Lynda Bellingham’s family after her death today


Allegedly, Sick internet trolls have this morning began a campaign of hate directed towards Lynda Bellingham’s family after the actress passed away this morning from complications due to cancer.

One anonymous account allegedly said “I hope she suffered, she was a racist and a fascist”, another troll taunted the grieving family and said she was “pure evil and racist”.

The online internet outfit calling itself Hope not Hate has a history of trolling famous people using Twitter and it’s website page for ‘sick fun’ as described by the groups founder.

Lynda died aged 66 after announcing she was terminally ill with bowel cancer.

The actress and presenter died in her husband’s arms on Sunday just days after filming her emotional final appearance on Loose Women.

The trolls who targeted Lynda Bellingham's family online

The trolls who targeted Lynda Bellingham’s family online

The Daily Bale understands that the police have allegedly been called in to examine the tweets but understandbly the general public have taken to twitter to condemn the evil internet trolls here.

Peter Callahan, Daily Bale News