EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Immigrant with Ebola missing in UK


The NHS centre for disease control have upped the Ebola threat to critical after allegedly a 32 year old Somalian illegal immigrant disappeared in Leicester.

Jamal Malouf arrived in the UK by shipping container last wednesday and managed to evade authorities for three days after being caught. Malouf appeared to be ill and suffering with a ‘cold’. Health authorities sent Jamal to the Leciester centre for disease control ran by the NHS over the weekend where he allegedly escaped.

Health officials have warned that the 32 year old black may be carrying the deadly EBOLA virus and have advised the public to avoid the black man if spotted.

If Mr. Malouf does indeed have Ebola then this could potentially have catastrophic consequences for Britain should the spread the virus throughout the country. The Police and army have been called in to search for Malouf and the Daily Bale understands several areas in Leicester have been sealed off during the manhunt.

Police in Leicester seal off street in manhunt for positive Ebola black man

Police in Leicester seal off street in manhunt for positive Ebola black man

The NHS centre for disease control have set up a hotline for the general public to call if somebody should spot the 32 year old illegal black man but have advised people to keep ‘well’ clear should they come into direct contact. The number to call is 08006122918.

The news comes after the Daily Bale broke the story that Ebola potentially may have entered into products being sold in Tesco due to imports from Africa areas that have been confirmed to have the Ebola virus. Read that article here.

The Prime Minister has urged for ‘calm’ despite the potentially terrifying news and has reassured the public that the black man will be caught by the police.

Police officers stop-searching 'men' fitting the description of Jamal Malouf

Police Stopping men who fit the ‘mans’ description

Leicester police have been busy stopping ‘people’ who fit the description of the 32 year old black man in the hope of finding him hiding out on the streets.

The news comes as 98% of the British public demand immigration reform and call for a stop to all immigration from other countries despite David Cameron’s hesitance in dealing with the matter.

Leading figure of the right in Britain, Joshua Bonehill told the Daily Bale “Now that an escaped illegal immigrant has put the common British people at risk of harm, let us hope that the government will see the damage that immigration is doing to Britain. We don’t need immigration cuts, we don’t need immigration limits – we need to end ALL immigration immediately and give this country back to our own people”

Police are hopeful that the Black man will be caught by the end of the week and have told people to continue going about their day to day business but exercising caution in the event they should come across people fitting the description of the escaped black man.

Peter Callahan reporting for Daily Bale News


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  1. Yeah, some of the stories on the Daily Bale are vaguely plausible, but any fool with half an eye can see this one’s a hoax.

  2. What a load of bullshit!!!
    I’m sure the nhs wouldn’t use an 0800 number, post fucking flyers and I’m pretty sure it would be on every news channel in britain…. this is some silly cunts idea of a sick joke, people are losing their lives to this disease and some idiot trys to use it as an opportunity to be a racist dick. I hope they contract the virus and see how funny it is then.

    Also for anyone who’s gullible to believe this crap just google the number and you’ll see its not real.

  3. Hahahaha you guys are uneducated twits. Here’s a horrific thought…by the year 2050 there will be 70% black people in the world. White people will be out numbered by the blacks and the Chinese. Unless Ebola starts acting faster we are all doomed.

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  5. We nead to do in the ebola peeple now! We dont need no ebola, wedont need no fought control!!

  6. This is the most racist article EVER! I can’t believe there are people who believe this shit. And I can’t believe some of the comments. When will you milk bottle incestuous pale – ass trash fucks realise that we are equal. EQUAL! Anyway, we are better than you at anything physical…so don’t start you unpigmented thick fucks. FYI, Ebola affects both white and blacks equally. We are equal.

  7. Stop with the hate speech ERIC! I am glad ur ankle is betters but thats no exuse to be a bitch about stuff init. I admit white help would have been better but still at least u ankle is fine and u ain’t abolla ridden… and its not their falt they smell off.. how do you expect to afford showering facillities when u spend all of ur money on kfc!!

  8. Guys, stop the hatred. I used to hate black people too because they smell and look funny and, let’s be honest, are slightly less “evolved” than Britain’s. But one day I fell on the street and twisted my ankle. A black / Ebola man helped me up and helped me to my apartment. I would have preferred some white help, but there was no one else around. Since that day I look at black people the same or at least nearly the same as Britain’s. If we teach them how to act then they can be good people. We need to get rid of the Ebolas first then we can start fresh

  9. This man is a risk to my bambeenos.. my kids will get infected by this chimp.. our society is fu**ked. I no longer feel safe around black people. Fuck obama.. illumanti scum. The x factor rules

  10. Fucking dirty scum dirtying our street with filth. If I get white man’s disease I’m going to Africa to spread it like the plague and see what happens. Our country needs to be more pure from filth. I see Ebola everywhere. Even some of our doctors are Ebola! We need to start a revolution to clear out Ebola people. Bring on russell brand

  11. Omg. I can’t believe it. I thought I was safe in leicester. I’m going to leave this place and head down south to Bournemouth or something. Leicester is such a small place it’s going to be diseased up because of one black mans. Police need to work harder. How difficult can it be to catch a black mans. It’s so selfish if you are diseased then you should stay at home. Or more like your country. It’s like planet of the Apes innit we should learn things from movies and that.

  12. This FAKE HOAX has just totally invalided everything on your site and turned you into a BIG JOKE, how can anything you ever publish again on DAILY BILE & TRIPE ever be taken serious? Although this is not a bad thing, as this site is purely about discrimination, hatred and racism. I hope none of you end up disabled or old, it would be so sad to see you turn into someone you have clearly discriminated against in another pathetic tripe filled article on here, called ‘Blacks are spreading Ebola’ quote ‘Along with Blacks, DISABLED people will also be vulnerable to catching the disease and they themselves will become what we typically call a DOUBLE LIABILITY, double the effort, double the drama, double the problems’

  13. Because it’s 100% FAKE! This website is pretending this is a NHS poster, where-as a quick google search would tell you this person or story has only ever appear on this page, where is was made up, to spread hate and racism. This website is quite scary to be honest as these type of HOAXS can be very damaging, which is what this pathetic site is wanting

  14. Ohhhh my goddess why is this not on the news on the telly? This is propar scary. Please lets not get death sentence from terrible deasease like this that Ebola. Help us all from bad deseases.

  15. This is just bullshit …not this particular article but the one about black people !!! South africa has white africans fot one two the do more then put up crime rates n have mixed kids ….. For one its only what british people want to portray to make it seem like all crime is by the black man be real and stop talking shit …. Two back in slave days the white men raped black women so they would have there babies so look at your own white people who first wanted the mixed to be born go read a book … Yes i am british and i think your stories are dumb as fuck … Theres always one to have to put race into suffering thats going on

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