UKIP’s Thomas Evans drags the party down with malicious communications 1988

So – Thomas Evans has maliciously communicated with me now for a period of several months, as well as this he has also made up several false and quite frankly criminal accusations about me on social media that constitute a breach of the law under the Protection of Harassment Act 1997 and at least one count of Malicious Communications 1988.

Thomas Evans of UKIP: What the hell is this Left-Wing parasite doing in UKIP?

Thomas Evans of UKIP: What the hell is this Left-Wing parasite doing in UKIP?

Evans claims to be a member of UKIP but to be honest with you, I’ve never seen some as Left-Wing and Marxist as Thomas is. He’s an utter embarrassment to the party and frequently drags it down with his ill-thought remarks and constant twitter conversing with the Left-Wing.

So why am I writing this article?

Well, Thomas is accusing me of breaking the law under malicious communications for referencing him as the originator of evidence in this article here which is perfectly true, Thomas did expose the SLATUKIP admin as being Daniel Pitt and posted this on twitter – where is the malicious communications in that?

Thomas is a perfect example of a moaning politically correct Left-Winger who wants attention thrown at him so he runs to the police and screams ‘rape’ but at which point will he understand that no crime has actually been committed – despite the police who will obviously in form him of this I have not reported Thomas to the police for his constant harassment and malicious communications directed towards me, i don’t believe in grassing up idiots for internet disputes and it’s not the done thing in Right-Wing circles.

I call upon UKIPs Steve Crowther to view Thomas Evans Twitter profile here and ask yourself if this is really the sort of vile excuse of a human being that you want representing your party?

To back up the title of this post ‘Malicious Communications 1988’ and to prove that I’m not making a false accusation, I present these two malicious tweets sent to me by Thomas Evans:

dsadsads evans1

Now, as mentioned earlier – I am not going to be wasting taxpayers money and police time securing a prosecution against Thomas as this goes against common Right-Wing principle. I am however going to leave this post up in the hope that people from UKIP and those who know Thomas are made aware of exactly who he is and what his game is.

If you’re in UKIP and you follow Thomas Evans on Twitter here then I strongly suggest you unfollow and block him before he drags you down as well. There is NO way he should be accessing Twitter and NO way he should be a party member. I will be forwarding this Blog Post to Steve Crowther via email and have alerted several UKIP officials about him and the problems he is causing for your party.

It is because of people like Thomas that I chose to leave UKIP and join the BNP, we don’t get any of this drama in the BNP because there is a straight forward understanding between members and a level of common decency that can’.t be found in the circles that the likes of Thomas Evans keeps.

No doubt Mr. Evans will also report me for this article as well, I do hope the police see this and take note of the evidence I have provided in my case against him – he is a serial agitator and Left-Wing internet keyboard warrior. As we like to call it in the Court room game, ‘tit for tat’.



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  1. Well I know who you are as well David. I remember all the pornographic DVDs you kept at madey mills and also how you groomed laura when she was indeed underage. Yes I do remember you very well David. I am also more than aware of the comments you’ve been making about me. Since you’re a nobody aged fifty something and living in a bedsit somewhere I have no interest in putting you on the daily bale but that won’t stop my tongue slipping in town. I really hope you’re not still in Yeovil David. JB

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