Rebecca Clitsome – Malicious Communications, harassment and general obsessive stalker

So for some time now I’ve been stalked by a girl by the name of Rebecca Clitsome from Leicester, funnily enough from the same city where my other weird stalker Ian Timings is from (Perhaps they work together?). Point being is that this horrible little scrote likes to write malicious articles about me online and make all sorts of flaccid remarks with no base so I’m going to set the records straight here.

Rebecca seems to think she carries some sort of clout on her WordPress blog which I will not publicize but she actually gets about 50 views a day, take this in compassion with the 27,000 views the Daily Bale has received in the last few hours and she’ll certainly be sorry that this article has been published.

Now – to avoid being ‘stitched up’ by young Rebecca with the police, we’ll keep this article entirely factual and not include speculations nor malicious claims. This will merely serve as a record of harassment and obsession on her part for those who may be interested.

Rebecca Clitsome of Leicester

Rebecca Clitsome of Leicester

Rebecca first started to contact me via Twitter after I hand-wrote and tailor crafted an article about the Globe Pub in Leicester – she disagreed with it which is fair enough, I have no problems with that. What followed next was a tirade of accusations directed towards me, accusations that have been documented and logged in her blog where I seem to have become the centre of her obsessions.

HMS Rebecca Clitsome (no not the ship) suffers with a disability called HMS which I believe stands for Hyper Mobility Syndrome which renders her unable to walk without a stick or in the more extreme circumstances she is forced to use a wheelchair which makes her a typical Left-Wing wheelchair warrior.

Rebecca has used her disability in the past to score cheap points and gain sympathy from people who are unaware of her obsessional nature which is completely morally wrong and deceptive.

So after I told Rebecca that I found her non-attractive on Twitter and that I didn’t want any more contact with her, she continued to write articles about me in some cases daily. I told her that her boyfriend should correct her and criticized the relationship for him allowing her to behave online in such a menacing way.

What gets me even more is that this little girl works in a school with children and she is clearly left-wing, what possible impact are her views having on those children who are still developing their political identity and form?

In a recent post on her vile little blog she hit back at me personally and branded me ‘Ugly’ and ‘unfashionable’ something which is obviously not true, in fact she couldn’t dream to meet a man of my stature and ambiance in her entire life.

Bottom of the line here is, I’m not worried about what the little girl thinks or says on her blog but she needs to be exposed for the obsessional stalker she is. I fear that Rebecca is in fact dangerous and just like Lee Harvey Oswald, there is an unquestionable motive of what her character is capable of.

I have about ten of these ‘stalkers’ who are entirely obsessed with me, I’m not the type that runs screaming to the police so instead I’ll just expose them here and use their well documented harassment as evidence in my defence at upcoming court hearings.

I would suggest that anybody reading this post avoids Rebecca Clitsome, she is dangerous and will become a pariah upon your life if you allow her to enter.

It’s just another child that’s been spoiled and given everything throughout childhood and then she’s grown up to realise that actually the world is not as politically correct as she’s been told it is and yes there are bigger, scarier people out there who don’t do ‘morals’.

My advice to Rebecca is to just get off social media, it’s clear that it doesn’t do her any good and is only dragging her down both emotionally and physically to the point where she may indeed have a break-down.