EBOLAGEDDON: How i learned to stop worrying and love Ebola


EBOLA – One word that has single-handedly changed the way we live our lives, indeed we are living in the midst of what scientists, journalists and medical professionals are now referring to as EBOLAGEDDON.

As we sleep in our beds at night, go to take our children to school or prepare the next meal upon which we will feast that same word EBOLA rings at the back of our mind. The sweat will pour off our faces as we think about the possibility of contracting fully blown EBOLA whilst walking down the high street or forming human contact with somebody at random.

These are indeed worrying times, with respectable news outlets now reporting that EBOLA may indeed already be in the UK by importation from Tesco the future is now uncertain for good people in Britain but also good people across the world.

As our children go to school and sit and stare at the blackboard in front of them, they are confronted by one clear and very white word, EBOLA. As the elderly folk play chess and take their last dying breaths in the care homes of this country they are confronted by one dying image, EBOLA.

It’s already been confirmed that our hospitals are not ready to deal with a fully blown outbreak of EBOLA in Britain, there is truly no hope when the disease catches hold and our population are ravened by this politically correct parasitical pervert in disguise.

We just don’t know where the disease orientated or why it has happened, all we do know is that it exists – EBOLA is very real and it’s taking hold across the world. Scientists and world renown scholars had predicted a major outbreak like this, for years on the BBC and ITV news networks we had tried to warn the people but the warning have come too late – EBOLA is here!

In accepting the fact that EBOLA exists, accepting that EBOLA will quite possibly one day wipe out most of the human race we can begin to construct a future for all of us, we can begin to think away from the EBOLA strain and think about the future of our children, their children and the survival of the human race.

Acceptance is survival, purity is white. Racially we will be challenged as a people but we must remain true to our race and origins. We will stick together and recognise that it is indeed the blacks who are responsible for passing around and carrying this vile disease, the black man backed by his Left-Wing bitch who aids him at every corner.

If we are to survive EBOLA then we must unite as a race in both Nationalism and Patriotic strength – for the greater good and in both Blood & Glory.

The only way to beat Ebola is through Nationalism, a vote for a Nationalist party is both the cure to Britain and indeed the world’s problems. Wherever you are, whatever you do – NATIONALISM!

Peter Callaghan, reporting for the Daily Bale


3 thoughts on “EBOLAGEDDON: How i learned to stop worrying and love Ebola

  1. I’m not trying to be rude but, that’s racist. Yes it started in Africa but it doesn’t mean all black people you see have Ebola. I’m just saying.

  2. i was scared of Ebola until i read this . thanks so much for making me feel safer as an englash person from the clotches of this awfel desease. x

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