When is it acceptable to routinely brand the Left-Wing as Paedophiles?

Paedophilia – a word which strikes fear into the hearts of any caring, decent and upstanding parent, but what happens when you place two words in front of that, two very imposing and intolerant words – LEFT-WING


Left-Wing Paedophillia is a very realistic problem and often many noble and decent patriotic folk decide to brand the Left-Wing paedophiles, nonces or child molesters without any direct or factual evidence to make such a claim but actually when we examine the authenticity of the paedophilic accusation, do we indeed have grounds to use the word?

As the Daily Mail itself reported, Harriet Harman of front bench Labour has indeed been linked to Paedophile ring and rights group P.I.E (Paedophile information Exchange). Harriet who is Left-Wing joins a number of other senior Labour Party members in supporting this vile and paedophilic group in the campaign for giving paedophiles rights in the same manner that homosexuals were given rights during the 1970s.

If you are campaigning to give paedophiles rights then therefore you are surely also advocating paedophillia and therefore encouraging the full and unwarranted molestation of white British children?

Accusing the Left-Wing directly of being convicted paedophiles is just the same as when they accuse us of being racists & fascists accept our accusations of paedophillia carry a lot more weight, weight that is proven by the sweet and safe confides of history, weight that is backed up by a string of categorical and solid evidence thus placing the left-wing agitator firmly within the evil brackets of the paedophilic spectrum.

Let us also cast our minds back to the late hippy culture of the 1960s and 1970s, a culture in which paedophillia was openly tolerated and welcomed within travelling hippy folk communities. The hippy contingent was widely regarded as being Left-Wing in origin and they practiced what is known as ‘free love’ without boundary or principle which could in theory mean sleeping with underage children.


So this again begs the question, when is it acceptable to brand the foul looking, evil Left-Wing pervert a paedophile in general passing or conversation?

The answer to that question is purely down to the inquisitor and commander of authority in any given moral situation but the consequences of that word, ‘Paedophile’ may indeed carry a prison sentence or criminal record in doing so as the great Joshua Bonehill found out recently when he decided to openly brand various Left-Wing perverts and criminals as Paedophiles.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in a situation where you are fighting a left-wing anti-british traitor and you can indeed confirm that the monster in question has been arrested for past offences of a paedophilic nature then you are in luck and may freely use the word ‘paedophile’ as much as you choose.

What’s not illegal is to highlight the PIE scandal or bringing up the fact that a Labour council covered up for a paedophilic muslim grooming gang in rotherham. These are stone called facts that link the vile left-wing establishment directly to paedophillia and these facts can not be denied under any moral circumstance or factor.