EXCLUSIVE: Ebola infection may have entered into Tesco foods in UK

As a nation that has become reliant on importing goods from abroad, it’s not too far fetched to assume that foods imported from Africa may now indeed be contaminated with the Ebola virus which medical professionals have determined is spread through bodily fluid.


Tesco is Britain’s biggest supermarket with an estimated 25-34% of food products being imported from Africa and Ebola ridden African states such as Kenya and Sierra Leone. Unfortunately human fluid contamination to most of these products is unavoidable, indeed products have been tested and traces of saliva, blood and semen have often been found on them.

It’s entirely possible that workers at Tesco’s Sierra Leone food depository have become infected with the Ebola of whom have had direct contact with food being imported to the UK. The most immediate food products that are at risk of infection will be fresh fruit and vegetables imported from Africa which can be shipped here in a matter of weeks. Tinned foods from Africa will be ok given the long sell by date.

An infected Ebola riddled hand, could this be the hand that picked your fresh fruit and veg in africa?

An infected Ebola riddled hand, could this be the hand that picked your fresh fruit and veg in africa?

It’s too early to speculate on the possible estimate and degree of the infection but again recognizing that we as a nation import a lot of food products from africa and being that Tesco is our biggest food outlet it’s not unrealistic at all to assume that indeed Ebola is already in the UK, sitting and waiting to creep up on our people like a knife in the dark.

As a nation we import nearly 60% of all fresh fruit and vegetables from Africa – if you are a parent and care about the safety of your children and your immediate family then you will do the morally right thing and stop buying fresh fruit and vegetables from any supermarket but especially Tesco.

Instead, let us buy fresh and locally from the markets, let us grow our own produce in allotments and let us put the safety of our children first against the cruel, capitalistic greedy virtue of the judeo-owned supermarkets of today.

Not only is fruit and vegetables at risk from infection but so is meat imported from North Africa, again the finger can be pointed at Tesco as the biggest importer of these foods but meat will be the most easily infected product on offer at the supermarket.

This includes frozen foods which may now store and contain the Ebola virus in a frozen environment for weeks and months before exposure to British people.

You can find fresh meat, fresh vegetables and groceries at your local butchers, green grocers or indeed the marketplace where your safety and children’s safety will be sure to be put first.

Think logically with your head and protect your family from the Ebola virus before it’s too late!

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233 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Ebola infection may have entered into Tesco foods in UK

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  2. What a complete croc of scaremongering, ignorant, narrow minded, bigotted crap. If you can’t see the agenda pushed by this “leading nationalist newspaper” when they say that we should all just shop for good, honest British food rather than importing that nasty, infected African food you’re an idiot. If you still miss the agenda when they talk about “judeo-owned supermarkets” then you’re not only an idiot but probably also as much of a bigot as the third rate, racist hacks who write this shit.

    But, just for some clarity. No, it is highly unlikely that someone infected with ebola picked any food that will be imported to the UK as ebola is hugely dibilitating and nobody showing enough symptoms to be infectious is going to be working. Secondly, even if they did, the ebola virus doesn’t survive well outside of the body and would simply die before reaching here. So, scare over, nobody is going to catch ebola from food.

    And finally, someone already commented about the disgusting tags given for this “article” but I want to draw peoples attention to one of the last tags which reads “We love playing on a tragedy to enforce a pollitical ideology” I think that pretty much says it all. How very vile of these people.

  3. Anyone reading this article or indeed website to gain genuine information about the workings of the world is a backward thinking, racist, retarded moron with a victimisation complex. That goes for the writers on this website too. I personally can’ t see how people can be so naive or stupid to believe or even entertain the ideas of this horseshite. The quality of spelling and grammar in the comments says a lot about the people a website like this attracts…adios!.

  4. I hope that Karl Marx fucking Rises from the dead and stabs all of you Neo-Nazi cunts. You need Ebola not the Africans.

  5. You have to look at the whole situation of this. Africa is the queens country too, but its one off to poorist in the world yet where doing okay. We need to stop being greedy cunts at the end off the day and actrelly help them. There still there working giveing us our food so we can eat and there trying to earn mony to put bread on the table. We need to stop being selfish cunts and look at theb whole perspective of this and come to a conclusion on how to solve the problem and not argeuing it out its not gonner get nouthing no where

  6. K , you are correct that the african government knew about it but did nothing, probably tried to brush it under carpet and hoped it would go away.

  7. funny when monkeys in africa carry the disease, and the only monkeys in uk are in captivity,probably caused by a sexually frustrated black

  8. someone masturbated in the mayo sauce that macdonalds used it was on the news a while ago and it was proven by tests at a lab.

  9. funny how you blame the west? when it is really the white africans who have treated the blacks like shit under foot,NOT the WEST.

  10. honestly, Tesco should sue you! That’s just misinformation point by point – and the hand? care for Britain… Mxxxs… if you are working towards destroying a reputation one of the most establish BRITISH brand, how can you care about anything??!! Ebola as an disease from Africa….. what about mad cows from the past and birds fever???? absolutely disgusted….. do not call yourself British!

  11. Wats with all the racial remarks man. People need to wake up and smell the fucking coffee. Acting immature about 10 point to griffindor REALLLY…..Just think that its not you dying a slow and painful death isit. So think yourself fucking lucky. I rest my case!!!!

  12. European and American pharmaceutical companies new about it too, and didn’t help create a vaccine or cure because it was not profitable to do so. Yes the African Union is partially to blame but we must remember that they rely on aid and knowledge from the rest of the world too. Even now, the largest contributor of aid towards fighting Ebola is Cuba.

  13. This is obviously a load of rubbish. The figures are inaccurate and the racism is blatant. The tags in this article such as “Ebola is a black disease”, not to mention the excessive use of the word “n*****” are clear indicators of the racism behind this post. Don’t be sucked in to this propaganda. By the way, Kenya has no Ebola.

  14. Lies.
    1) That picture is not an Ebola infection. Ebola has the same symptoms of a cold or flu until you start puking up and shitting blood just before you die. No external symptoms like a manky hand.
    2) Ebola isn’t in the UK
    3) Ebola definitely isn’t in Tescos.

    I cry myself to sleep every night at how thick some people are.

  15. I can’t believe you would say such a thing, the Boston Bombings killed hundreds of people and injured thousands more and saying that it was fake is directly disrespecting the families of those affected and the injured that survived. As for ebola being fake, it is a real thing but what I believe is that it was actually a bio-weapon created by the US government to be used as an act of war, much like napalm and agent orange were in Vietnam. So I’d advise you to “wake up and smell the coffee” and realise that you are a degenerate jackass. People may be blind, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t see the truth.

  16. Feed the African women the pill. Why have kids knowing they have no food or clean water, but still expect everyone to give them hand outs,

  17. This is what I’ve said all along! I wouldn’t bring kids into a world where they’re dying of starvation!!

  18. You all wana grow up there’s people dying of this horrible virus no one for definite knows who caught it first the one thing I will say is that Africa knew about it for over a year and didn’t do anything about it none of this would be happening now if they dealt with it when they had the first few cases, they kept it quite and it’s this country and every other that has to suffer the consequences I have heard before about semen and other bodily fluids been found on food from abroad but it also happens in this country too there are some sick people out there

  19. Ebola is not on Kenya? Kenya is in east Africa so I think the person who wrote this needs some geography lessons. What bullshit.

  20. Exactly what I was thinking! I’m pretty sure I heard about a white person spreading it too! Shocking! As soon as I see someone using the term ‘blacks’ I know whatever they have to say is going to be rubbish, it’s so racist! The ignorance of some people winds me up so much.

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