Hope Not Hate and U.A.F Anti Fascist Men in Public Toilet Outrage

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Two Anti Fascist left wing sickos aged 33 and 36 have each been fined £100 after being caught having oral sex in a public toilet.

Two police officers found 36-year-old sick left wing weirdo James Rant performing oral sex on 33-year-old sick politically correct pervert David Buck in the public toilet in Hyde Park, London at around 2.20pm on October 7th

Rant and Buck, from London, were both sentenced at West London Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to engaging in sexual perverted activity in a public lavatory.

Russell Kent, prosecuting, told the court:

“There has been a history of conduct of this nature at the lavatories in Hyde Park, and usually always involving left wing politically correct Anti Fascist sickos and weirdos”

He said pervert, David Buck, who was a member of ‘Hope Not Hate’ the Anti Fascist movement –

“had gone to the shops to buy a dress, for whatever weird reason, before going to the toilet”

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Mr Kent said:

“He said he entered the toilet and found the other male there and saw that he was masturbating.”

Buck was then approached by Rant, who told him he looked lovely, and Buck said he just could not help himself, he asked James Rant to perform oral sex on him, the court heard.


Sue Derby, representing Rant, said he was –

“deeply upset and ashamed by the whole incident, and more so when he found out that David Buck was a

‘Hope Not Hate member’ because James Rant is a ‘U.A.F’ member, and he said he hated Hope Not Hate”

The two organisations had apparently fallen out over ideology and exactly what the word ‘fascism’ actually meant, it meant different things to each organisation the court was told.


She added:

“He is a man who has now lost his good name and everybody would now know he was a left wing Activist, but the U.A.F were thankfully turning a blind eye and had said that it was not classified as a Fascist or Racist incident, so he could remain a member of the U.A.F and still be considered as ‘politically correct’ by the other left wing weirdos.

He says he cannot explain how this happened but he is remorseful, and says at least he is not a fascist or a racist.

Melanni Vale, representing Buck, said he is –

“anxious to say he did not go there with the purpose of engaging in sexual activity, but just to try on his new dress that he had just bought and wanted to have other men think he was a woman”

She said Buck, who is a member of ‘Hope Not Hate, was “mortified” about having to appear in court, but he was sure that his membership in ‘Hope Not Hate’ would be secure, this sort of thing happens all the time he said.