EXCLUSIVE: Labour Party found to cover up for Islamic Grooming Gangs

Rotherham, Rochdale and just how many other Labour controlled constituencies were found guilty of harboring fully operational Islamic Grooming Gangs? A dossier handed to the Bale on Sunday shows that the problem may have been more widespread than previously thought in what appears to be a national Labour Party cover-up

Does this man really care for the children of Britain?

Does this man really care for the children of Britain?

Grooming Gangs – two words which strike fear into the heart of any caring mother or father but a fear that is entirely justified given the current climate of political cover-ups and Labour Party scandals. After many thousands of children were abused in Rotherham and more recently Rochdale, the Daily Bale questions – just how deep is the Rabbit hole?

In 1997 when Tony Blair took office he instructed his cabinet to take a pro-multicultural agenda and push for ‘Islamic integration’ in many of Britain’s largest cities and towns, knowing full well that Islam was incompatible with British culture. The mandate created by Blair quickly spread throughout Labour orientated Quangos which had direct influence over Social Services, the police and of course the press.

In 2002 when Charlie White informed local authorities in Rochdale about the extent of the Grooming Gang problem he was quickly told to ‘stop being racist’ so he decided to approach the local Labour MP for guidance and support. Mr. White handed the local Labour authority a dossier outlining 202 reported cases of child abuse seemingly conducted by Islamic Grooming Gangs operating in the Rochdale area but Mr. White could never have fathomed what was to happen next.

Two weeks after passing over the dossier, White received a phone call from the Labour Party constituency office informing him that the council had ‘misplaced’ the dossier and couldn’t take any further action. White who was initially angry at the lazy conduct of the council was relieved to discover a back-up copy of the dossier on his computer so once again he took this to the council.

Safely assured by Labour Party members that the new dossier had been received and all was being ‘taken care’ of, Mr. White waited for a phone call confirming that Police authorities and social services were following up his claims – yet the phone call never happened.

Some two months after passing the new dossier over to the Labour Party authority in Rochdale, White received another phone call from Labour Party representative Jim Bean informing him that unfortunately the dossier had been lost a SECOND time but the council would investigate nonetheless, white who was furious at the tardiness of the council took assurances and hoped that the council would take action.

In 2014, many years after handing over the two dossiers and taking those ‘assurances’ Mr. White has never heard back from the council and some 2,004 children reportedly have been abused, raped or sold into prostitution by Islamic Grooming Gangs in the Rochdale area.

Bale on Sunday reporter Peter Callaghan followed up on Mr White’s claims and decided to approach the Labour Party representative Jim Bean with the accusations that Labour had covered up for an Islamic grooming gang operating in the rochdale area.

Bean, 64 who now lives in Swansea with his wife was shocked to find our journalist on his doorstep and gave the following statement, “I was paid to do what the Party wanted, I only went along with what I was told during my time on the Rochdale council”.

Bale on Sunday's Peter Callaghan on the doorstep of Labour's Jim Bean

Bale on Sunday’s Peter Callaghan on the doorstep of Labour’s Jim Bean

Reporter Callaghan was then promptly told to leave the property or the police would be called out.

So at the end of our report, the Daily Bale has several questions for the Labour Party – Why did they fail to act on credible information handed to them as in 2002 and what happened to the TWO dossiers handed to them by Mr. White?

Unfortunately there seems to be a pattern emerging throughout the country, Islamic Grooming Gangs are operating in areas controlled by Labour Party councils without question or allegation which poses the intellectual question – Are the Labour Party covering up for Islamic Grooming Gangs?

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