Anti Fascist Left Wing Feminist Politically Correct Weirdo Marries Her Dog.

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A left wing Anti Fascist Feminist Female Politically Correct Marxist Weirdo, Marries Her Female Dog


Dog marrying Tessa Waylag, has spoken to the Daily Bale and defended her Marxist left wing romantic ceremony with her pet Dog.

We report that Waylag, married her dog ‘Davina’ in a private london service, which was attended by 84 other left wing weird sick politically correct Anti Fascist nutters.


Speaking to the Daily Bale the 26-year-old left wing sicko said,

“we were meant to be, and this is the beauty of political correctness and Anti Fascism, we are free to Marry as we please, and if you think that is wrong just because it’s a Dog, then you are a fascist and a racist.
I had her as a puppy at two weeks old and she was new to the world – but I fell in love with her”

Davina the wife. out in the Park for a day out with weirdo Waylag.

Waylag said, when asked if they fell in love at first sight.

“I knew that we were meant to be”

The Daily Bale then quizzed the lefty weirdo about her bizarre decision to marry her pet.

Our reporter said:

“It’s a big step to go from caring for your dog to marrying it – why did you decide to do something like that ? what’s your issue ? are you a politically correct weirdo ?”


She replied

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right Bale, there are different kinds of love – my love for Davina is very deep. We have a deep connection”

Then, staying ever-calm, our reporter asked about Waylag’s love life.

Whilst looking lovingly into her dog’s eyes, Waylag explained:

“Men don’t come anywhere near the bedroom unless she agrees”

“One time I made another woman lover sleep in the dog bed for a whole week”

At the end of the interview our reporter had to hold back their disgust and anger to ask this weird left wing freak a critical question.

He said:

“Do you think the Dog knows that you are actually Married”

The sicko replied

“Yes, and I am totally in love with her, she is my world, and anybody who disagrees with this is politically incorrect and a fascist and a kind of racist too”

Our reporter asked her “wtf she meant by that ?”


Waylag replied that

“i am a Feminist and an Anti Fascist, we are always being judged as weirdos and freaks, even you lot on the Daily Bale are always calling us left wingers ‘weirdos’

but you just don’t understand what we are about thats all”

Our reporter asked her,

“and what would that be then”


Waylag said

“we want full political correctness and a full Communist Marxist State. We can only achieve that dream by breaking down all the old ways of British Culture and by obedience to Marxist ideology through political correctness and shaming anybody who tries to go against our way.

If we have to, then we will label anybody as a fascist and racist who disagrees with us or tries to question us, we will win this in the end, and we are winning now.

We left wingers almost control all of Social Networking now, all we have to do is call somebody a fascist or a racist, and ‘poop’ they are gone, they run a mile, it is so funny”


Our Daily Bale reporter reminded the weirdo who she was talking to, and told her that she may get away with that kind of crap with other lefty bowing and scraping puppets, but we really do not give a toss what race hate names they throw at us.

We will continue to expose sick left wing cranks and unwashed weirdos like her for as long as it takes for the Nation to wake up and do something about left wing politically correct bullying, manipulation, intimidation and this obvious raving lunacy going on in our Society that we are actually allowing to happen and actually go along with.

The Daily Bale (does not) go along with it.

With that, our reporter told the sick left wing pervert to do one.

Daily Bale reporter on politically correct weirdism.

Richard Yardley.


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  1. she looks like the type to marry her dog . did thee dog get a say in it . probably not . its political courrectnes gone made . x

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