Adolf Hitler & Eva Braun Skulls in Labour Supporter Left Wing Weirdos Garden.


Evil Anti Fascist Left Wing Sicko, Daniel Milibond, had Adolf Hitler’s and Eva Braun’s Skulls in his back garden.

The weird sick left wing politically correct Anti Fascist Transvestite, who is a member of a well known left wing Anti Fascist Anti British thug organisation in the U.K , had the Skulls buried in his back garden since his grandfather passed them on to him before he died in 2003.


His Grandfather, William Milibond, was in the Hitler Youth during the last days of the Third Reich, and fought in Berlin to try and save Hitler’s crumbling Nazi Empire.

fuhrerbunker (15)

He was there at the very end, as can be seen here (circled) being thanked by Hitler outside the Berlin Bunker for carrying on the courageous fight against the advancing Soviet troops.


But it was all to end in defeat. Berlin fell to the Russians in early May 1945.


Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were Cremated in the Berlin Bunker garden after committing suicide on April 30th before the Russians got there.


The Russians found what was left of the two bodies – but not before Daniel Milibond’s Grandfather had the two Skulls away in an empty ammunition box after he had gone to the Cremation site under the cover of darkness and removed them from the smouldering burial pit.


He escaped from Berlin and vowed to protect these sacred Relics from further harm.

He made it over to the U.K in 1947 – complete with the Skulls of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, and he buried them in his back garden under a Rose arch.

Rose Garden 6

The Skulls lay there for 56 year until the old man passed away and the Skulls were inherited by Left Wing Anti Fascist and Politically Correct weirdo – Daniel Milibond.


Left Wing Anti Fascist Transvestite Milibond, cared for the Skulls for a further ten years, until last year in 2013.


Milibond had a Shrine built in the back garden of his own home and had the Skulls carefully deposited in there, and he spent long hours sat in the garden outside by the Shrine smoking pot and reading Das Kapital the Communist book, and Mein Kampf, Hitler’s own personal testimony to Nazism

vancouver shrine

The Shrine of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, built in Worship by Left Wing Anti Fascist Politically Correct nutter and fruitcake – Daniel Milibond.


Mein Kampf. The book that the left wing Fascist Daniel Milibond read by the Shrine to Adolf Hitler.

Milibond had a big fall out with his Male lover early last year, when his lover accused him of betraying the Anti Fascist cause and the Labour Party cause by Worshipping Hitler instead of Joseph Stalin,
(the evil left wing Communist Dictator who killed 50 million of his own people for not being Politically Correct)


Milibond’s lover threatened to go to Hope Not Hate, the left wing Anti Fascist group in the U.K and tell them that he was worshipping Hitler rather than Stalin.


Milibond, then went beserk and went out and opened the Shrine in the garden and attacked his Transvestite lover with Hitler’s Skull. He whacked his lover around the head with the Skull and screamed at him that he was a Fascist and a Racist for threatening to tell Hope Not Hate that he worshipped just Hitler and not Stalin.


Neighbours called the authorities because of the noise and all the Fascist and Racist name calling going on in the back garden next door. Milibond dropped Hitler’s skull and tried to run off, but he was caught down the road in a corner shop ranting and shouting racist and fascist hate speech towards an indian shopkeeper.


Milibond’s garden was excavated soon after his arrest, and more Nazi items were found, but no human remains.

The Hitler Skulls have since gone missing, and were thought to have been handed over to Hope Not Hate, who apparently wanted the skulls themselves. There was talk of another Shrine being set up by the Left Wing. But by who and where, we do not know.

Milibond was sectioned under the Mental Health act, and labeled a severe –

Schizoid Left Wing Anti Fascist Disorder psychotic.

Disorder Symptoms

Left Wing Schizoid Personality Disorder is characterized by a long-standing pattern of detachment from Reality, and the person may be a Member of a Left Wing Anti Fascist group or may consider themselves as being Politically Correct.

Daily Bale reporter on left wing immorality.

Alec Woodward.


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