Hope Not Hate. Shocking Report on Hope Not Hate & Nick Lowles.

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Shocking revealing report on far left wing so called ‘Anti Fascist’ organisation –

Hope Not Hate.

(As we believe he would introduce himself)

“Hi! I’m an anti-fascist. Are you white and working-class? Then you’re probably a racist bigot and an Islamophobe. Shame on you!… All ye people repent and join Hope Not Hate. Only that act will dissolve all the guilt you should have for being white and middle-class like me. The working-class, of course, are now beyond redemption. Although I admit that I did patronise them until the Muslims came along”


Note, For Point of Law – everything is alleged. We have to say that.

“Nicholas Lloyd Lowles (born 6 June 1968) commonly known as Nick Lowles.

is a prominent communist in the United Kingdom.

He has had long term involvement with … Searchlight as an editor, associated with Gerry Gable.

Lowles is involved with Searchlight’s … front  Hope Not Hate.

Which mostly attacks patriotic groups (generally in the United Kingdom, but practically anywhere that Europeans are attempting to assert their own group interests).

Has wrote as a journalist for newspapers such as The Guardian.

Lowles is on record as living in the Hornsey district of the London Borough of Haringey with Clare Hewitt in the 2000s.

During the 1990s, Lowles was involved with the self-styled Anti-Fascist Action.

The Red Action part of this, which Lowles was close to, carried out the 1993 Harrods terrorist attack;

(a bombing linked to the PIRA in which four people were injured. Lowles’ co-members, Patrick Hayes and Jan Taylor were convicted for the terrorist attack)


Lowles was born in Hounslow on 6 June 1968, His mother was from Mauritius, apparently from affluent French colonial stock.

Lowles himself married Clare Hewitt in Islington during June 1998.

Lowles has also used the fake names Peter Brighton and Laurence King.

Politically, Lowles first involved himself with the Socialist Organiser, a far left group and newspaper, aligned with so-called third camp Trotskyism which was attempting to take over the Labour Party.


This group had originated as a break-away from the so-called Workers’ Revolutionary Party, which was led by Gerry Healy, a crank from Liverpool who pretended to be Irish and was later expelled at age 72 from the party after being accused of raping 20-something female “comrades” !


During the early 1990s, Lowles also involved himself in … Anti-Fascist Action, in Yorkshire where Lowles agitated it was largely red-anarchist led.
Lowles quit AFA and scurried off to Searchlight claiming that it was a “fascist” group.

Searchlight itself is a propaganda sheet, which was founded by members of the Communist Party of Great Britain—including Lowles.

According to Nick Lowles, the EDL is a massive threat. And that’s why he once gave the Government a good telling off for its lax and soft attitude towards ‘racists’ and ‘fascists’
But we were told that Lowles was promptly told to ‘do one’


Lowles says that the EDL ‘poses one of the greatest threats to social and community cohesion at the moment’. And if that’s true, then why oh why is ‘the Government a mere spectator, hoping, no, praying, that police can contain trouble’?

This is strange. Surely Islamism, militant Islam and many other things Islamic even a teeny weenie bit of a threat to Community Cohesion? Surely the ghettoisation of Muslims by Muslims themselves also a threat to Embraced Diversity?

But never mind the poor Muslims who get it in the neck all the time just for being Muslim, what about the Left Wing Extremists who bring attention continuously to differences ?

White middle class left wing politically correct extremists like ‘Hope Not Hate’ ?

So it is strange that Nick Lowles has precisely nothing to say about these real threats to Community Cohesion and Diversity.

Who am I kidding?

This is not strange at all.

Lowles’s championship of Muslim separatism is part of his campaign against Englishness.

You know, racism, fascism, imperialism, whiteism, non-leftism and all the other things he hates about the English and England.


As I said earlier, because Nick Lowles is a Communist (the difference between Trots and Commies does not make a difference to anyone except Trots and Commies), the EDL is not the only object of his leftist displeasure.

Yes, the Government is at fault too. The ‘present Governments have shown absolutely no leadership in their attitude towards the EDL the B.N.P and anybody else that will not conform to left wing politically correct Communism.

Lets not forget the Daily Bale too of course, oh no that will not do will it Nick ?

Too much freedom of speech on the Daily Bale and they say it how it is don’t they Nick ?

Is that a roundabout way of saying that Cameron and Clegg haven’t sat in the Cabinet office discussing the Problem of the EDL with His Supremeness, Nick Lowles?

Is it also a euphemism for the Government not kicking the EDL’s arse by banning it?

Or is it about the Government not imprisoning enough EDL leaders in much-needed gulags for ‘fascists’, ‘racists’, ‘Islamophobes’ and all other non-leftists (except Muslims and perhaps black people)?


The problem is, apparently, that the Government and others ‘play down the EDL threat’. Nick Lowles,

UAF/SWP don’t of course play up the threat of the EDL, do they?

Of course they do.

Hope Not Hate and their like are the cause of unrest in the U.K

These people live and breathe anti-racism and anti-fascism and pointing out ‘differences’ in people’s race..

It gives meaning to their lives.

It focuses the Struggle.

It radicalises.

It furthers the Revolution.

It provides new student recruits.

But most importantly of all, for Nick Lowles, it provides a good career and a steady and secure income.

And who would begrudge poor Nick Lowles a job?

But Not only that.

Not Lowles, or one of his deluded dole scrounging, mates, has proved beyond any shadow of a leftist doubt that Tommy Robinson had ‘far-right links’.

And no one would ever accuse Trotskyist/Communist organisations of lying or distorting things in order to further the Cause or to defeat an evil enemy like the EDL.