Hope Not Hate Membership & Donations Fall as Public Support the Daily Bale.

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Hope not hate left wing membership is dropping rapidly – an insider exclusively reveals to

The Daily Bale.


K. Richardson, (name changed) a former member of the hated racist ‘Hope not hate’ so called ‘anti fascist’ thug group, told The Daily Bale –

“morale in Hope not hate is at an all time low at the moment. Its simply because the members are starting to realise that The Daily Bale is morally right and it makes a lot of sense too.

We are the one’s in Hope not hate who have been using race to use against other people to call them racists and fascists if they speak out against our policies and ideology.

That in itself makes us the racists and fascists, and also hypocrites, because it is us who are using race to make a point and force others to bend to our own ideology by shaming them into silence by calling any opposition a Fascist and a Racist.

That actually is Fascism and Racism on our part for using race in this way, and many of us are seeing that all too clearly now, and to tell you the truth, it is starting to feel shameful being associated with Hope Not Hate, or any Anti Fascist groups at all now, they are truly evil.

Many of the new members and even long term members are now leaving Hope not hate in shame at joining in the first place. We were brainwashed and tricked”



The Daily Bale does not discriminate against Ex Hope not hate members who wish to come over to us, but we do heavily vet Ex members and only post their histories after we have checked them for authenticity.

Everybody is capable of waking up and seeing the light – even left wing Ex anti fascist racists.


The Daily Bale investigation team wishes to thank all those that also sent in info and those that work on the ground for us on social networking sites, and at times being in very unpleasant circles, but nevertheless sticking with it and getting the info the public needs to know.


The Daily Bale Publication has had a flood of disillusioned Labour Party members and members of the hated ‘Hope Not Hate’ anti fascist race hate movement rush to join up with our team to provide information on their crumbling movements.


The Daily Bale has always made it very clear, we are a publication totally committed to bringing the truth to the British people and exposing the left wing lie that is disguised under the moralistic sounding name of – Political Correctness.

Political Correctness is an immoral form of left wing brainwashing, in order to make the individual feel guilty and hence conform under P.C manipulation to left wing marxist thinking and social control.

The British people are beginning to wake up, and are fast realising that they have been manipulated and brainwashed into thinking that to say something or to even think in a certain way is wrong and/or evil.

The only thing that is truly politically evil in British society today, is the twisted and politically motivated race hate stirring ideology that is called – Political Correctness.

Who has the god given right to call themselves Politically Correct and morally absolute ?


And who has the god given right to go round putting up signs, giving out orders, and condemning people and calling them racist, if they don’t fit the left wing picture of Politically Correct fantasy land where everybody is totally without personal view, apart from that of the left wing idea of how you should think, behave, believe and act ?

The answer – Nobody.

The Daily Bale supports free speech, with respect for all people, regardless of race or religion as human beings with thoughts and feelings of their own, and the right to personal views, without being condemned as fascist, racist or any form of vile slander if they don’t conform to the left wing twisted mentality.

Therefore, we do not condemn those either that flood to the Daily Bale from the left wing organisations as they are doing of late to give us their viewpoints on what is going wrong within their particular spheres of political thought.


The overall message we are getting is that –

“the left wing is no longer thinking or cooperating with the real world, and that the lie that is called Political Correctness and the marxist bullying has to stop”

It is immoral and very very wrong.

We hear that loud and clear. And on that we do agree.

But the Daily Bale makes it very clear publicly as we have told you already in personal messages – its up to you to make change. Kick out the extremists and marxists, drop the politically Correct manipulation and bullying, and join the rest of the U.K in getting back on our feet.

One thing is certain, if you do not clean house, then you will become outcasts and one day you will be held accountable for what you have done.