Hope Not Hate Anti Fascist Anti British Hypocrisy and Immorality.

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Left Wing Anti Fascist Racists – Hope Not Hate.

Evil beyond words.


Op-Ed: Britishophobic ‘Hope Not Hate’ gets a dose of its own medicine.

The ironically named, racist anti-British hate group ‘Hope not hate’ is in a spot of bother claiming that the government is trying to gag it – however the purpose of its very existence has been trying to gag its political opponents!


On the front page of its website the extremist ‘Hope not hate’ bleats,

“The government is trying to gag Hope not hate”.

They admit that it spent £319,231 campaigning against the BNP at the 2010 general election. According to the Electoral Commission website £310,634 of this amount was spent in England, £4,082 in Scotland and £4,515 in Wales.

This is a rise on the £137,409 that they reported to the Electoral Commission as their 2009 European Election expenditure.

HNH’s grievance lies with the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill. HNH believes the bill will mean the amount of money that it spends on its campaigns will be dramatically reduced and it will have to account for more costs, such as staff time.

HNH is also concerned that its “ability to build coalitions” will be restricted. One of the organisations that HNH is known to work extremely closely with is Unite Against Fascism (UAF). A couple of HNH’s ‘Local groups and supporters’ are even down as UAF rather than HNH.

Digital Journal was the only media outlet to report that UAF (which is backed by British Prime Minister David Cameron) had the Woolwich killer Michael Adebolajo as a speaker at its Harrow rally in 2009.

In addition to campaigning against the BNP, Hope not hate also campaigns against other political parties and organisations that stand up for the rights of British people. Most recently it has turned its attention to UKIP with a malicious smear campaign.

The English Democrats have also been subject to a HNH smear campaign in which they have been wrongly listed as a ‘hate group’.

Britain First, the EDL and the National Front are also wrongly listed as ‘hate groups’ on the HNH website, although HNH has not yet added Patria, Liberty GB or the British Democratic Party to the list, which gets longer over time.

HNH has not yet added either itself or UAF to the list to join the militant Islamist Al-Muhajiroun network, which it helps protect by attacking and attempting to gag organisations that are critical of it.

Examples of Hope not hate’s gagging:

‘Hope not hate’ tries to gag EDL in Tower Hamlets
HNH are currently running a petition to try to have the EDL’s Tower Hamlets march banned. So far they have 22,000 signatures.

They also ran a petition in August 2011 to have an EDL Tower Hamlets march banned.

HNH’s sister organisation UAF were criticised in an article appearing in The Telegraph for attempting to have their opponents’ demonstrations banned but complaining when they were banned themselves.

‘Hope not hate’ gags criticism of Woolwich murderers

The Home Secretary banned Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer who had intended to come to the UK to warn about the threat posed by militant Islamist extremists after the murder in Woolwich of Drummer Lee Rigby by such people.

Hope not hate bragged that “Over 26,000 people signed the HOPE not hate petition calling on the Home Secretary to prevent these anti-Muslim activists from entering the UK. Others soon took up the call and sent their own letters in. Together, we let the Home Secretary know the strength of feeling on this issue.”

HNH continued, “This once again proves that people have the power to force change if we decide to use it. Thanks again to everyone who signed the petition.”

Evil beyond imagination,

Daily Bale reporter on left wing criminality.

Alec Woodward.


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