Blacks are spreading Ebola

Blacks are spreading Ebola – immediately when you say this, no doubt you’ll have some liberal/left-wing pervert jump on you and accuse you of racism but the fact remains that this is 100% factually correct. People with black skin are indeed spreading Ebola and Ebola originates from the homeland of Blacks, Africa.

Blacks are spreading Ebola

Typical Black/white interaction leads to infection of Ebola through touch or even close proximity meeting

Just as Black people brought aids to western countries in the 1980s, they are now bringing us Ebola (aided by their left-wing/Liberal friends who cover for them). Indeed every major international disease right from the Black Death to Spanish flu can trace it’s origins right back to the good old black country – Africa.

Now, the only reason we are getting Ebola in our western countries is because we allow it. We allow black immigrants from Africa to come into our countries, we allow Left-Wing/Liberal degenerates to go to Africa and help build stupid, primitive villages because of their white guilt complex.

So next time you see a black coughing heavily in public, stop, look and think – could it be carrying the Ebola virus?

What have blacks actually done for the western world other than bring disease, high crime rates and race mixing? – The answer is quite simply nothing, they have done nothing at all for us.

There was a reason they called the Black death, “Black” and this was because of where it originated from. Before the Black death had hit England the virus had swept across Africa killing most of the population and this is why it was known as the black death – it killed many blacks.

What do we know about the colour black?


Indeed, historically and even in modern times the colour black has always been treated as a warning sign or a mark of death. People know that black is no good, black is a plague, black is a pariah, black is a sin and therefore people tend to avoid the colour of black and write it off as being dangerous.

The same can be said about the Ebola virus. Ebola which is hosted primarily by Black people is a plague, a pariah and only means death so curious that it should be associated with Blacks?

So when the Ebola virus seriously starts to take hold in both America and Britain the first people to come down with symptoms majorly will indeed be the blacks. The reason Black people will spread the virus so quickly is because of the kind of conditions they live in.

Most Black people live in filthy homes, especially in the southern states of America where the word home should be used as caution when it comes to the Black man. Unwashed Dishes, litter and rubbish spread all over the place – yes, this is the Black way of life.

It is through these rough living conditions that provide a perfect breeding ground for the Ebola virus and this ultimately will make the immune system of the Black man more liable to catching the disease and spreading it faster.

Along with Blacks, disabled people will also be vulnerable to catching the disease and they themselves will become what we typically call a double liability, double the effort, double the drama, double the problems.

The problem comes with race-mixers and the Left-Wing who associate openly with Blacks and the Disabled. Race-Mixers are deceiving because of the colour of their skin which in most cases will be white so therefore they present a risk to other whites in the spread of Ebola.

In these times, it is best to stick with those we trust and those who have only ever been loyal to our race.


162 thoughts on “Blacks are spreading Ebola

  1. Of course the source of contagion is black people . There’s a considerable number of them in Africa where , incidentally , ebola did not originate . Ebola was created in an American laboratory for the purpose of keeping African populations under control . So , ironically , the very thing that you purport to be so indignant about should appeal to your self righteous eugenics .

  2. Actually the Black Death, the bubonic plague of the 14th century that killed a third of the European population, originated in China or Mongolia. It was spread by the rise of mercantilism, an activity that brought rats from Asia to Europe. The rats were infected with fleas that carried the Yersinia pestis bacteria, which causes the plague. Africans had nothing to do with it. Just FYI you gapped tooth inbred dumbass.

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