White British woman forced to wear Burqa by Police in Croydon

23 year old Amy Hamilton from Croydon was walking through Croydon highstreet when she was apprehended by a team of Riot police who forced a Burqa down over her head

The Moment riot police forced a burqa down over Ms Hamilton's face

The Moment riot police forced a burqa down over Ms Hamilton’s face

It was whilst a local “Pro-Israel” march was taking place throughout Croydon last week when local Amy Hamilton walked down through the high street to gather some groceries that she was attacked by a mob of riot police who forced her to wear a Burqa.

Ms Hamilton described how she was dragged to the floor whilst two officers held down her feet, another two clinched her arms and one pulled out a piece of fabric and forced it down over her head.

The fabric that rested over her head was later found out to be a standard Islamic burqa, when questioned about the incident local croydon police told the daily bale that they had done so for her own safety whilst walking through the police ‘riot zone’.

Ms Hamilton is considering taking legal action