Peaceful Ukip Supporters Attacked by Hope Not Hate Nick Lowles Lookalike


Left Wing Sickos and Weirdos attack peaceful Ukip supporters.

Nick Lowles lookalike gets stuck in like in a (Batman action scene) in a 1960’s T.V show


Apart from he was more like (Barbie Man)

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Seventeen anti-fascist activists were arrested after attacking Ukip peaceful Supporters.

Left wing freaks and sickos – ‘Unite Against Ukip’ called a demo after Luton Ukip supporters were spotted peacefully giving out leaflets to the Public and wishing them a good day.

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Peaceful hard working Ukip supporters were attacked.


The rally was addressed by Labour city councillor Brian Gusset-Brown, who told the crowds:

(“Ukip are trying to stop mass immigration to the U.K, but we must have mass immigration, and more and more immigration, anybody disputing this must be labeled a Fascist and a Racist.

The Ukip influence is a distraction from the real causes of suffering within our society and their causes related to capitalism.

We must have a Labour Government and the reinstatement of full political correctness.

It’s non-Marxist policies that are the problem, and not so-called differences between us, we are all equal and have the right to free speech, apart from Ukip that is of course, but you all know what i mean”)

Nick Lowles lookalike in action – Man down but Nick puts the boot in.

And again, Nick cannot get enough.

Police arrested seventeen weird sick left wing anti-Ukip protesters.

All were detained on a public order offences while another sicko a (male) was accused of making suggestive remarks to a (male) police officer and asking for his phone number.

Another was held on suspicion of stealing a Ukip Party badge (for a gift to his wife) a Conservative Party supporter.

All were held under lock and key on Sunday night.

Daily Bale reporter on Left Wing weirdos.

Alec Woodward.