Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist Attacks Ukip Supporter Aged 94


A Left Wing Anti Fascist Politically Correct evil sick pervert has pleaded guilty to raping and sexually assaulting a pensioner and a Ukip supporter that he had befriended while out shopping in London city centre.

John Lout, 54, admitted committing the offences against the man, after he was discovered by police officers still in the victims flat telephoning another left wing sick weird Anti Fascist vile pervert after the attack.


The sick evil left wing Anti Fascist pervert appeared at London Crown Court to answer to charges of rape, sexual assault and common assault.

John Lout was a left wing politically correct Anti Fascist sick pervert

It is understood he approached the old man and struck up a conversation with him, and told him that he too was a Ukip supporter, when in actual fact, he was a left wing Anti Fascist weirdo.
He then followed the old man home to his supported accommodation, where he attacked and raped him.

Following the attack, the 94-year-old victim, who can not be identified for legal reasons, crawled out of his flat and called for help while the left wing sicko was in the bathroom.

The police were alerted and when officers arrived at the old man’s flat they found John Lout, talking to another left wing Anti Fascist pervert on the victims phone.

Lout was arrested at the scene and in interview said he believed his victim;

“to be a Ukip supporter, and i hate everything about Ukip”

When it was put to the evil left wing sicko John Lout that the victim was 94 years old, he replied;

“a fascist is a fascist to me, they are all the same, and Ukip even worse – they want to stop immigration, but that is wrong.

We must have open borders, that is true meaning of Communism, and next year if Labour get back in power, then we shall make sure that we flood this Country to capacity with our foreign brothers and sisters, and you British fascists will pay dearly then”

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The Patriotic true Brit Ukip supporter victim claimed not to even know the man before meeting him in the City when he came up to him and said “do you support Ukip” he then followed him home and forced his way in to the flat.

The old boy said;

“i fought for my country with pride and honour, and was ready to give my life without question.
and this is what it has come to, why are the left wing so full of hate and cruelty towards their fellow man ? why are they so barbaric and evil ? this is all just so sad, and i hope to god that we get Ukip in power next year to put these people in their place”

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The victim is a loyal Ukip supporter.


The evil sick left wing Anti Fascist pervert has been remanded in custody and will return to Crown Court later in November where he will be sentenced.

Daily Bale reporter on left wing Anti Fascist sex crimes.

Alec Woodward