Labour Party man guilty of burning baby with lighter

Taunton Magistrates today heard how 48 year old Thomas McLeod-Scotch from Tipperary callously burnt a 2 month old baby with a lighter whilst he was babysitting the child

labour party criminal

Labour Party Criminal

McLeod-Scotch who was a former Labour party Councillor  was babysitting 2 month old Ivony White whilst her parents were away at the recent Labour Party conference.

The court heard how McLeod-Scotch put his cigarettes out on the baby’s arm and then held a lighter up to the 2 month old’s foot sadistically torturing the child for no reason whatsoever.

Magistrates sentenced McLeod-Scotch to 300 hours of unpaid work and a 1 year suspended sentence.

Steven Sodholmy, Daily Bale News