Grandson of Himmler Nazi Police Chief Alleged Member of Hope Not Hate

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The Daily Bale investigative team have been sent some amazing evidence to show that the Grandson of –

Heinrich Himmler

the notorious head of the S.S and the German Secret Police within the

Nazi Third Reich under Adolf Hitler, is no other than –

‘Gregory Haddlers’

now living in London, and an alleged member of Hope Not Hate.


These amazing photographs were sent in to the Daily Bale by a left wing informant, who just
wants the truth to come out and who are alleged members of this so called Anti Fascist organisation that calls itself – Hope Not Hate.


Gregory Haddlers, alleged Grandson of Heinrich Himmler – Chief of Police in Hitler’s Germany.


Heinrich Himmler himself, Haddlers grandfather was responsible for carrying out Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ and the extermination of six million jews in Nazi gas chambers during the war.


An incredibly powerful man within the Third Reich.


Himmler is seen here meeting Hitler to give reports upon the progress of the Final Solution.


Here we see Himmler visiting the death camps of the Third Reich.


Happier times for Himmler, just out of a meeting with Hitler, who was well pleased with the progress.


This amazing comparison picture, which was formulated even before any D.N.A testing was done,
obviously proves who Gregory Haddlers Grandfather is.

Haddlers father changed the family name from Himmler to Haddlers in the 1970s because they
were getting a lot of questions asked about the family background, but by that time the Haddlers
were living in london and had long left the shattered remains of Hitler’s defeated Third Reich.
Gregory came along some time later during the mid to late seventies.

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The Daily Bale tried to interview Gregory Haddlers about his alleged membership of

Hope Not Hate and about his Grandfathers awful crimes against humanity.

But we were turned away at the seedy squat in london by a large man who seemed to be a Romanian.

He told us to get lost or there would be trouble, “Gregory would not talk to us” he said.


Our Daily Bale reporter did talk to the people living next door to the squat.

They told us that all kinds of weird looking people come and go to Haddlers squat.

One regular visitor who had dark hair and glasses, she knew as a man named ‘Nick’

The neighbour told our reporter that apparently this ‘Nick’ man run a large organisation.

Daily Bale reporter on left wing crimes and cover ups.

Steven Williams.