Anti-Racist group kick baby in the head with jackboots

Croydon Unite Against Racism & Fascism cell has tonight come under fierce scrutiny after two of it’s members were caught on CCTV at a local branch of McDonald kicking a 2 month baby in the head with jackboots.

hope not hate

Hope not Hate, the hand that punches the baby

Gareth Griffith, 24 and Peter Huxley, 42 are seasoned Anti-Racists but this Saturday after drinking in local croydon pub, ‘The Graf Spee’ the pair drunkenly entered croydon McDonalds and began shouting vile race-hate at White British people.

When 22 year old mother Hannah Roach and her baby were sat waiting to be served, the two anti-racists eyed her up and accused her of being both fascist and racist.

Ms Roach who’s husband recently died in active service whilst in Afghanistan told the two men to back away but couldn’t possibly have fathomed what would happen next.

Croydon Magistrates court heard how Gareth Griffith ripped Ms Roach’s 2 month year old baby daughter from her arms before chucking it to his friend Huxley who then shouted “beat the racist wanker”.

Peter Huxley then drop kicked the baby so it flew into the wall before monster Griffith set upon the child and began kicking her with his anti-racist jackboots.

The pair are currently remanded in custody awaiting sentencing next week.