Politically Correct Left Wing Homophobic Attack on Gay Ukip Supporter.


Christian man Joseph Williams jailed for attacking gay flatmate Connor Huntley with claw hammer as he slept.

Indentation in Connor Huntley’s swede from a sustained Hammer attack.

A man who attacked his openly gay flatmate by striking him on the head with a claw hammer as he slept has been found guilty of attempted murder.

Joseph Williams, 21, inflicted “life-changing” head injuries on Connor Huntley while he slept in their shared flat in Margate, Kent, in May last year. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

After hitting Mr Huntley, Williams told a 999 operator what he had done, saying his mental health had “deteriorated”, the Old Bailey heard.

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The Daily Bale calls to question whether all the Politically Correct attention around Gay sex and Gay Marriage is not just bringing attention to being Gay in the first place, and driving some disturbed people to launch attacks such as this one.

Perhaps it is the hidden Homophobia of left wing politically correct Anti Fascists who have a thing around Gay men and keep drawing attention to it who are really to blame here for the rise in these sorts of attacks.


The Daily Bale believes that the victim is a Ukip supporter.

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The court heard that Williams came from a Catholic background and a few months before had made disparaging remarks about gay men.

In contrast, Mr Huntley was openly gay and often wore women’s clothes and make-up.

Kent Police went to the flat in Athelstan Road, Cliftonville, and found Mr Huntley on a blood-splattered inflatable air bed still alive but with the claw hammer firmly embedded in his head.


This was done in pure hatred, most likely brought on by the continuous politically correct left wing attention around Gay sex and Gay marriage, and then enforcing in people’s minds who already find this sort of thing distasteful, that there may be something terribly wrong in the way society is heading.

Thus, we have people carrying out these awful crimes on a daily basis now, something that would of been almost non-existent before the rise of the evil ideology of political correctness.

The Daily Bale concludes that this evil crime can be directly attributed to left wing political correctness and the state of the public mental health because of the growing confusion, hatred and anger, caused as a direct result of left wing political correctness and the policies still in force which were the product of the previous Labour Government.


Mr Huntley, who was 18 at the time, was taken to hospital where he was treated for a depressed skull fracture and a penetrating brain injury. A chunk of his skull was removed following the homophobic attack. He now suffers from epilepsy and his body movement has been affected, prosecutor Philip Bennetts QC told the court.

Sentencing, judge Jeremy Donne QC told Williams the injuries suffered by Mr Huntley “were little short of catastrophic”.


“It is fortunate in the extreme for both him as for you that he did not die,” he said. “He will be never be able to enjoy all the things that young people enjoy doing. You have taken away a good part of his life.”

Williams will serve his sentence in a high security hospital until he is deemed fit to leave after the court found that he had been suffering mental health issues at the time of the attack.

Mr Huntley’s family said in a statement: “Whilst Connor is making slow but steady progress from this horrific ordeal, we feel he has been handed his own life sentence by this hideous act.

“No one deserves to be so viciously attacked in such an evil manner, regardless of race, age, gender or sexuality.”