Left-Wing Student who stuffed cat in a jar as ‘punishment charged’ with animal abuse

A Left-Wing college student who put her cat in a jar as ‘punishment for misbehaving’ has been charged with animal cruelty.

The cat who was stuffed in the jar

The cat who was stuffed in the jar

Kiki Lin sparked outrage when she posted the picture of her pet stuffed inside the sealed glass container on Facebook.

The image quickly began circulating online and animal protection officials have now charged her.

Despite growing backlash over the cruel act, the Exeter university student has refused to apologise.

‘I only have three words for them, ha ha ha,’ she said of her critics in an interview with the Daily Bale.

‘I really don’t see how it is their place to criticise me without even knowing what happened; they have too much time on their hands.’

Ms Lin could face up to one year in prison or a fine if she is found guilty of animal abuse.