Islamic Studies to be introduced as a mandatory school subject by 2016 says Labour

The Labour Party have announced plans for state schools to introduce universal islamic studies by the year 2016 should they form a government.

Ed Miliband addresses the Islamic council

Ed Miliband addresses the Islamic council

Ed Miliband today told the Islamic council of Great Britain that Labour would support their bid to introduce ‘islamic studies’ in all state schools by 2016 in a revolutionary new bill to reinforce education and put Islamic education on the map throughout Britain.

Islamic studies will consist of a series of educational modes directed towards Islamic culture and lifestyle. The new educational doctrine will be expected to be taught in all schools and learnt by all pupils, this includes white British and non-Muslim pupils.

Ed Miliband told the Bale on Sunday “Islamic culture must be celebrated in Britain, muslims have every right to have an education in Britain and we must bend our ways in order to provide them with this as we the Labour Party believe this is the morally right thing to do”.

The policy will only come into effect if Labour form a government in 2015, along with the radical new educational plans the Labour Party have also announced plans to change the Union Jack into a more ‘multicultural’ design as reported here by the Daily Bale.

Gareth Butler, Daily Bale News