Hope not Hate woman murders cat with hammer for ‘fun’

A 52-year-old Left-Wing woman from Leicester was arrested Monday after a witness reported seeing her take a hammer to her cat’s head.


Mary Thompson of Left-Wing group Hope not Hate, the crazy lady in question, apparently had one too many cats living in her apartment. Tenants in that particular apartment complex are allowed only one.

Thompson was apparently aware of the rule and had previously spoken with management, declaring that she would find a new home for one of the cats. When the manager learned Thompson was still in possession of two cats, she went to the woman’s apartment and told her, again, that she was not allowed more than one.

It was during that conversation that Thompson allegedly walked into the kitchen and grabbed a small hammer. She then returned to the living room, grabbed the pussy by the neck and began beating it’s tiny brains out. At that point, the manager said she ran screaming from the apartment in fear.

Thompson reportedly admitted to police that she had killed the cat and disposed of it in the dumpster before being arrested. She’s been charged with animal cruelty, a misdemeanor.

The Daily Bale understands that Hope not Hate founder and leader, Nick Lowles stood by 52 year old Thompson in Leicester magistrates court as sentencing was passed.