Ebola, Who’s responsible and what the future holds

Left-Wing Oxfam workers who have been helping build wells and villages in Africa stand accused of poisoning water wells with Ebola to spread the virus throughout the African continent.


What do we know about Ebola so far? It’s fairly obvious that the virus is spread through water just as it’s spread through the air but when we begin to look at where the virus originated from, a disturbing pattern comes to light.

This simple map shows how similar the infected African states are aligned with the water supply in Africa

This simple map shows how similar the infected African states are aligned with the water supply in Africa

The above map shows the water supply in Africa, a supply built by Left-Wing white student volunteers from across the world. Most of the students who built this waterway are in fact from Britain and have volunteered with such organisations as Africa Aid or Oxfam.

It seems that the spread of Ebola collaborates with the spread of water throughout the African states and only one guilty party is responsible for this – the Left-Wing

Most students who volunteer abroad do so because they want to feel “morally superior” in comparison to somebody who doesn’t, in fact volunteering in Africa should be viewed as a form of shameful, callous and sickening greed.

At some point during the construction of the Greater African waterway as shown by the above map, the waterway was infected by the Ebola virus and this took hold throughout most of Africa.

It should also be noted that those bringing back Ebola to western countries are in fact the same Left-Wing volunteers who helped build the greater waterway which means that Ebola has become a “plague on the back of a parasite” as mentioned by Joshua Bonehill when he spoke on the subject recently in London.

Ebola is simply a cultural marxist plot to eradicate the white race in western countries – Ebola is white genocide at the expense of the black africans and both fully advocated and promoted by the Left-Wing who are the puppets of the Judeo-Cultural Marxist establishment.

If in some unfortunate future situation we find Ebola ripping throughout America and Great Britain and millions are dead then we have to remember that this is the fault of the Left-Wing. Of course in this hypothetical situation, the state will be lawless and anarchy will run wild but we have to remember who is to blame for this – that blame rests wholly on the Left-Wing.

In the situation where anarchy runs wild and we the people are no longer governed by law or a policing authority then we will have to take the law into our own hands as our fellow countrymen will be riddled with Ebola and it shall be upon this situation that we can freely cut the left-wing down without feeling any legal repercussions because in an Ebola-riddled state, there is no law or governance – millions will be dead, this will be the Apocalypse of tomorrow.

Now – even in the unfortunate situation where Ebola doesn’t take hold and these dreams and prayers are answered, we must assume that within the next 100 years there will be a major catastrophe that will either lead to global Apocalypse or the end of the world as we certainly know it.

The point here is simple, whilst currently there is law and order – we will obey it and observe society as the eternal watcher but in the event that the law and order breaks down, in the event that there is no government and our state falls then we must remember what the Left-Wing have done to us as people, we must remember the tyranny and oppression that we as a race have faced through their callous, evil hand.

The glorious freedom of anarchy will entitle us to hunt our prey no matter what, the left-wing will pay for their crimes and we shall hold them accountable in our lawless hypothetical state. Once we have fully rid the country of the evil Left-Wing tyrants then we can begin to rebuild society based on the strong principle of British nationalism.

So if Ebola does take hold, embrace it, go into hiding and don’t communicate with the outside world. Most people will be dead in about 7 weeks after it hits our shores but those of us who have stocked up with tinned food, weaponry and plenty of bottled water will emerge victorious and free to build our new state.

The electricity may go out during the initial “death period” but if we all build a network beforehand and stick together then this will not be a problem. We’ll give it a few more weeks yet, if people in our country start to die then the time will come to form a commune and go into hiding from the outside world.

As predicted, in about 7 weeks most of the weak who couldn’t fight the virus will have been killed off by nature and in their death shall rise life, the birth of a nationalistic and fully patriotic British state.

Joshua Bonehill, Founder & Leader of Daily Bale will offer those who need it shelter and guidance during this time. Again, in the hypothetical situation that many die and Ebola consumes Britain then we can safely look to Joshua as the leader of the people and we the people will form a commune under his guidance, a commune free from ebola and free from left-wing perversion.

Bonehill himself has hidden and stockpiled enough food and bottled water for a small tribe of about 150 to live off of for about a year. There has been an underground disused 1950s nuclear bunker earmarked for the commune in the event of ebolageddon and we can follow Bonehill to this location where safety will be freely provided to those who will listen to the gospel of Bonehill.

The plague will die eventually, in the worst case scenario that Britain is lost then we will look to restart life on the Falkland islands where Ebola almost certainly won’t take hold. There are ships prepared to make the voyage in this situation but rest assured, Bonehill himself is a fully trained sea captain and will be able to navigate us the people onto the falkland islands where we will build a new society.

A new British society built on the Falkland Islands must be built entirely on Nationalism, of course there is the age old Argentinian question but hopefully this will have been resolved by the time Ebola takes hold in South America and kills many millions of Argentinian anti-British perverts.

An artists interpretation of judgement day when Ebola takes hold properly

An artists interpretation of judgement day when Ebola takes hold properly


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