Internet Troll Old Holborn outed as Conservative Party member

Robert Ambridge, the Twitter troll revealed to be the anonymous Left-Wing account Old Holborn has been sensationally revealed to be a Conservative Party spin doctor.

Robert Ambridge, the man behind Old Holborn

Robert Ambridge, the man behind Old Holborn

52 year old Ambridge from Exeter has been gaining the public sympathy vote after he attacked various people through his anonymous guises online but the Daily Bale can exclusively reveal today that he is in fact a conservative party disinformation agent and professional spin doctor.

Ambridge who has links to Hope not Hate, Unite Against Fascism claims to be a “Libertarian” and freedom of speech martyr but it comes as no surprise that he is in fact an establishment lackey with a conservative career stretching back to the days of thatcher.

A dossier handed to the Daily Bale revealed that Mr. Ambridge is in fact paid by the conservative party to advise on internet and social media security issues. Ambridge was also present at the recent Conservative Party conference and several photos have emerged which show him shaking hands with Prime Minister David Cameron.

The once popular anonymous online personality can tonight hang his head in shame for giving people false hope, preying on a flaccid cause and for pretending to care for the people when in fact his loyalties lie strictly with the conservative party.

Steven Sodholmy, Daily Bale News


5 thoughts on “Internet Troll Old Holborn outed as Conservative Party member

  1. I love licking Bobs arse I am his number one fan.
    Who ever he tries to bully I join in just to keep on his good side
    I went into hiding last year when the Scousers outed him I should of stayed and defended him.

  2. Robert Ambridge is a sad laughable joke.
    Claims of moving abroad to live are complete fantasy on his part.
    A failure in business and in life have left him in a complete financial mess.
    What other way is there for him to vent lifes frustrations.

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