Disgraced Manic Street Preachers Weirdophile James Dean Bradfield in Hope not Hate shocker

Disgraced Manic street preachers front man and publicly convicted weirdophile James Dean Bradfield has been exposed by the Daily Bale as engaging in sickening online Hope not Hate campaigns by accessing mild scorn from his computer.

Convicted Left-Wing weirdophile James Bradfield

Convicted Left-Wing weirdophile James Bradfield

45 year old Bradfield from pontypool in wales is the lead singer of popular (among left-wing circles) band, the Manic Street preachers. Mr. Bradfield stands accused by the British public of accessing the website Hope not Hate and viewing indecent images of mild scorn via his computer.

Mild Scorn is another name for indecent Left-Wing filth that is used to attack Right-Wing campaigns.

It is believed that Mr. Bradfield is part of a sickening Left-WIng weirdophile ring that has been operating in the welsh valleys for the past decade. The sick ring of Left-WIng activists are targeting right-wingers online using false and anonymous accounts to spread mild scorn and cause issues for everybody.

Bradfield also stands accused of manufacturing his own mild scorn with intent to distribute around his connected weirdophile ring operating in wales.

Infomation has been passed to the Daily Bale which suggested that unpopular weirdohilic Twitter account @SLATfascists may indeed be a member of the weirdophile ring and has certainly been proven to be spreading sickening images of mild scorn over twitter.