Anti Fascist Sicko Hope Not Hate Member in Court for Stealing Ladies Underwear


An alleged member of the left wing race hate Anti Fascist Anti British group

Hope Not Hate

has been arrested and convicted for ‘stealing women’s knickers’

Hope Not Hate member – Roger Lewis-Davis.

The vile sick left wing politically correct pervert hid the underwear he had stolen in his seedy squat in south west london.

Roger Lewis-Davis 52, of south west london, had previously pleaded guilty to stealing underwear from washing lines in three separate incidents.

Twelve other offences were taken into consideration.

Tracey Fenton, prosecuting, said:

“There where a number of reports in the area and the police did look for a suspicious man on Sep 21st.

A man described as

‘one of those lefty weirdos’

was spotted in several peoples gardens stealing knickers off washing lines.

He was described as wearing a lapel badge with the words

‘Hope Not Hate’ on it.

Daily Baled !

The sicko was spotted by police in a nearby alleyway. They knew he was trying to access the gardens as it was easy to get into them this way.

They found a vehicle nearby and asked to search the left wing anti fascist weirdos vehicle.

Within the van they found 534 pairs of knickers hidden in a number of pillowcases and four boxes of

Hope Not Hate propaganda hate leaflets.

The left wing ‘Hope Not Hate’ member Lewis-Davis, said that he had been stealing underwear from various washing lines and that he had a problem that had got worse recently.

He said he –

“had trouble achieving erections and also he had fallen in love with Nick Lowles,

– the left wing Marxist Dictator Leader who runs Hope Not Hate”

Daily Baled !

He also stated that –

“he had been in love with Nick Lowles for some time now, and could only achieve satisfaction when he was wearing stolen knickers and looking at Nick Lowles –

‘autographed photos’

that he had obtained from Nick Lowles the Anti Fascist politically correct leader of Hope Not Hate at various meetings of Anti Fascist weirdos and vile sickos”

Nick Lowles – Daily Baled.

Defending, Graham Danler said:

“He fully admits and accepts what he has done and in his own words – saye he is a left wing sick pervert.

“He is an unemployed benefit claimant and he is facing this offence in deep shame.

“He feels embarrassed for himself and its going to have an implication on his image as a normal man,

“He had been managing to hide his left wing Anti Fascist membership of Hope Not Hate, but now everybody will know he is a vile pervert and a left wing sicko.


He’s clearly put all these matters behind him and has had to admit to everybody that he is a left wing politically correct weirdo and a knicker stealing Anti Fascist pervert “

The sick vile left wing weirdo and politically correct pervert, was quite rightly banged up anyway.

He was sentenced to 12 months in Prison.

What a sicko !

Daily Bale reporter on left wing sex crimes.

Alec Woodward.


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  1. Biggest load of claptrap yet. The incident never happened. Just another excuse to spit bile about anybody who has the nerve to disagree with Joshy the self appointed messiah (mainly because no bugger else wants to). Take care, Joshy, karma will have its day and you’re going to be an un’appy bunny.

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