Left Wing Anti Fascist Politically Correct Weirdo Found Hanging


A left wing politically correct evil Anti Fascist weirdo, and a Marxist Anti British sicko and pervert, committed suicide by hanging himself in toilets, the Daily Bale has learned.

James Clit, 57, of London, hanged himself using white electrical flex hours after realising that he had been wrong all along concerning his weird left wing sick politically correct Anti Fascist views.


He basically realised that he had been brainwashed by left wing Anti Fascist groups, and had very mistakenly believed them when they told him that –

‘being white and also proud to be British is fascist and racist’ !

He had been brainwashed by other left wing politically correct sick freaks and weird Anti Fascist Anti British white middle class dropouts and liberal unwashed smellies and oddballs.

Sick left wing politically correct weirdo found swinging in the crapper.

His body was found in a public toilet by an attendant, who later said –

“this sick weirdo came in these toilets a lot, he was a left wing Anti Fascist and used to hang around the toilets and proposition men.

He was a right fxxxxg weirdo, you can spot these Anti Fascist freaks a mile away.

We had phoned the police about the sicko several times this year, but the weird left wing sicko just kept coming back.

Good riddance to the lefty Anti Fascist freak we say”

UAFlogo .

A relative who did not want to be named or associated with the left wing weirdo – or any other left wing sicko come to that, told the Daily Bale –

‘how James Clit had a history of political correctness delusions and Anti Fascist Anti British treachery and betrayal of the British people, he had twice before tried to kill himself by taking an overdose because of deep rooted guilt’

Clits brother, Bret Clit, said his brother had got drunk the night before he died,

He said that –

“he was fighting the guilt inside his head over the realisation that he was a sick left wing politically correct Marxist monster, but a very mistaken monster who had been duped by other left wing sickos.

I had told him that he deserved to be on the Daily Bale and exposed as a sicko, well now i suppose he is isn’t he”


He said the pair had a row during the course of the evening about his brothers weird left wing beliefs, and the left wing weirdo James Clit left the house at around 7 p.m screaming Anti Fascist weird slogans and shouting racist and fascist accusations at people walking by outside.

One of the people he shouted racist accusations at was a west indian gentleman who almost punched the left wing freak clean out.

He came back soon after and smashed one of the windows of his brothers house and was shouting disgusting racists slurs such as –

‘racist’ and ‘fascist’

before disappearing again into the night, probably back to the public toilets to perv.

His brother called the police, who agreed to look for him and take him in if they found him.

Political Correctness
James Clit realised he was a weird left wing politically correct fascist sicko.

But the left wing politically correct Anti Fascist weirdo was found hanging in the public toilets where he always perved around in the daytime to approach men who were legitimately using the toilets and not for other sick purposes like the left wing freak Clit had used the toilets for.

A note was found in the weirdos pocket, saying that basically –

“i have come to realise that i have been brainwashed by other left wing politically correct Anti Fascists, and i am just so ashamed at being a sicko and a traitor to my people and my Country, and it is best that i end it here in the place that i feel most at home”
– the public toilets.


No inquest was held into the left wing freaks death, it wasn’t considered worth it as nobody really cared that much anyway.

The weirdo was buried in an unmarked grave and his brother did not attend the service, but there were four long haired weird looking unwashed weirdos at the back of the Chapel.