Ukip Nigel Farage face appears on Hope Cove in Devon. Left Wing say it’s Karl Marx.

Amazing image of a face appears in rocks on Devon coast U.K England.

cliff-face_3070127b (1)

The features of a man, resembling Nigel Farage of Ukip has appeared on the face of a cliff near Hope Cove in the county of Devon in England.

Britain may have acquired its own, modest version of Mount Rushmore, and the wonderful image of Nigel Farage of Ukip in the shape of a face that has appeared near a beauty spot on the rocky Devon coast.

One local Ukip supporter said –

“this is just wonderful – totally wonderful, and it is a sure sign that Ukip is the Party of the People”

UKIP_logo (1)

But instead of four American Presidents, the features of a famous and very popular Politician who leads a Political Party called Ukip can clearly be seen overlooking the English Channel near the small village of Hope Cove in Devon, England.

And the sculptor responsible for the face is none other than Mother Nature herself, in the form of coastal erosion caused by the exceptionally stormy weather of the past year.

Wind and rain has carved out a nose, mouth, eye and ear of the visage, which can be seen in clarity, and when up close to it, it is definitely the face of Nigel Farage of Ukip, many people believe it to be Nigel without doubt.

The cliff was photographed by a man who noticed it while out for a weekend walk at Hope Cove, whose two beaches and Iron Age fort, at Bolt Tail, are popular with ramblers.


But the Daily Bale has learnt that ‘Left Wing Politically Correct Anti Fascist’ weirdos and sickos have tried to claim that the Cliff face image is of ‘Karl Marx’ the man who thought up the evil ideology of Communism which was responsible for untold suffering across the world in the last Century.


The evil Anti British left wing politically correct Marxist Communist Activists, who are responsible for the types of left wing politically correct outrages and left wing political correctness criminality up and down the U.K reported in the Media recently, are trying to claim that the cliff face image is of their political icon ‘Karl Marx’

But Ukip supporters are saying that it is not of ‘Karl Marx’ but actually it is of Nigel Farage, the current Leader of Ukip.

cliff-face_3070127b (2)

A local man told the Daily Bale –

“i think we all would much prefer to think of the cliff face image to be Nigel Farage.

Nobody really likes left wing political correctness or left wing so called icons.

Its much better to have Nigel Farage on our cliff face than a left wing icon like Karl Marx.

Ukip are the People’s Party, and Nigel Farage is the man who will sort this Country out and put the Great back into Great Britain.

Everybody i know supports Ukip, and who does not support Ukip these days ?

Ukip are the People’s army, if you love your Country, your Culture and your British identity and you want out of the European Union –

then Vote Ukip, the true Party of the People”