Boy, 14 expelled from school for supporting UKIP

Greenock Academy of Greenock in Scotland sensationally expelled 14 year old Richard Mcdey for supporting the political party UKIP last week.

Richard Mcdey, kicked out of school for supporting UKIP

Richard Mcdey, kicked out of school for supporting UKIP

14 year old Mcdey came into the academy wearing a UKIP pin badge to support his political hero, Douglas Carswell in the historic by election last week, when teachers saw Richard wearing the badge he was accused of being “racist” and was asked to remove it – he refused.

After refusing to remove his UKIP badge, Mcdey was expelled from the school and accused of racism. Headteacher Jeremy Slatt told the Daily Bale, “We are a multicultural school and UKIP is seen as a racist party in most of Scotland, I stand by my decision to remove young Richard from education and believe it was in the best interests of diversity and equality”.

Richard Mcdey who’s parents are both UKIP supporters has a poster of Douglas Carswell in his bedroom and collects various items of UKIP memorabilia to show his support for the party and Nigel Farage, he told the Daily Bale that he is upset about the decision to expel him from Greenock but it wouldn’t stop him from supporting the political party he loves.

Local Labour party spokesperson Jeremy Anglewind told the Daily Bale “As the local authority in this area we support the school’s decision to remove Richard Mcdey, the child clearly has issues with racism and UKIP will not be tolerated in any part of Scotland. We could understand children wanting to support Labour or the Conservatives but supporting UKIP is a step too far and is clearly unhealthy in the school environment”.

14 year old Mcdey was kicked out of school for supporting his hero, Douglas Carswell

14 year old Mcdey was kicked out of school for supporting his hero, Douglas Carswell

The Mcdey family have written to UKIP hero and political heavyweight, Douglas Carswell (MP For Clacton) for support and guidance on this issue. UKIP declined to comment.

David Sletfretish, Daily Bale News


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  1. Wait, did you actually believe any of that crap was true? That school doesn’t even exist any more, it closed in 2011…

  2. What the fuck is going on in Britain? Has all logic,common sense and the right to be British and proud been abandoned .Britain has been invaded by an insidious enemy hell bent on destoying all that is remotely patriotic and British in essense. WAKE UP BRITAIN AND WAKE UP SOON BEFORE ITS REALLY TOO LATE. ANTI-BRITISHNESS WITHIN BRITAIN IS GOING TO END VERY BADLY. “THERE WILL BE BLOOD IN THE STREETS”

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